Day 4: Unofficial WDW 1/2 Marathon!

Ok, runners are unreal. So passionate. Always pushing to prove it to themselves. So supportive to all others in the sport. The running community, from friends to strangers, is solid and today I saw the best examples of all of this, and of the human spirit really.

I slept properly since there was nothing I could be late for today, and Ches from The KOR Project picked me up and we headed to Disney Springs to run 21.1km (aka 13.1 miles, for him) and to hit up the #WeRunSocial meetup at 1pm.

The second we parked, it was obvious that HUNDREDS of registrants for the cancelled half-marathon were all running it anyway. Everywhere I looked I saw the bright yellow long-sleeve Donald Duck race shirts, tons of people wearing their Half, Goofy or Dopey bibs, some people alone, some in groups. We started our own run and no joke, every person including the other runners and random people just visiting Disney Springs were shouting and cheering on the half-marathoners! Some of the stores had stations set up outside and were handing out water just like an aid-station in an actual race. There were random spots where people had stashed water bottles and sports drinks near trees or shrubs around the golf course. High-fives were going down every couple of seconds. INSANITY! It sounds cheesy but I actually do not think I have been this inspired in a long time. And this was just one area! Disney is HUGE! I’d love to know how many people ran their own “race” today.

At about 16km it was almost 1pm so we headed to the Carousel for the meetup only to find out on Twitter it had been changed to Starbucks because it was raining. (Laughter from Prince Rupert people.)  We ripped over there and met up with the leaders and I’m glad we ran because apparently I get a free pair of PROCompression socks for being so punctual. People started to show up and we were vising and talking about the unfortunate circumstances due to the weather. Some had already ran today, some were going later and some planned to make it up the following weekend, but everyone had a plan and everyone was upbeat. Such a good crew of people, and I even got to meet my Instagram woman-crush, Heather!! This chick is FAST! Like, she might win the whole thing tomorrow for real.

Then we took the standard #WeRunSocial group pic and Ches and I continued on to finish our distance.

This is what the 1/2 Marathon medal looks like, which I will receive tomorrow at the finish (along with the Marathon, Goofy & Dopey medals.) This here is a baggage tag that we all got as swag for the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon, but since it didn’t end up happening I guess the anniversary will be next year!? Who knows! Funny how when I was given this I didn’t have a suitcase to put it on….my bag came late Thursday evening by the way.

As disappointing as it was for the race to be cancelled today, it was an awesome day with awesome people. I was able to run at a very easy pace without a race atmosphere and this will only help me tomorrow. Now it’s bed time because I have my third full marathon to run tomorrow and a 32nd birthday to celebrate! I know the energy tomorrow on the course is going to be crazy after everything that has happened due to cancellation! People came together today and it was amazing! Talk to you tomorrow, can’t wait for all six pieces of bling!!

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Unofficial WDW 1/2 Marathon!

  1. That is so great that so many still ran on their own. A “runner” must run
    I guess 😀
    Have the best sleep & good luck for your birthday marathon tomorrow.
    Best birthday ever????? 😘😘😘
    Love you xox
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