training recap Apr. 10th – 16th

MONDAY April 10th

Recovery day from Rupert 1/2… much needed! Lots of stretching.

TUESDAY April 11th

8km easy – spent the first few kilometres literally trying to get away from a cute little dog who wouldn’t stop following me! I liked running with him but didn’t want him to get too far from wherever it is he lives..

WEDNESDAY April 12th

30 min of strength and stretching because that’s just all that happened

THURSDAY April 13th

Track workout! – 3km easy, 6×800 & 2×400 with 90 min rests, 2km easy

Omg. Kicked my ass. Need to work on pace consistency on the intervals, but awesome workout and really good confidence builder!

FRIDAY April 14th

Planed: 6.5 km easy with strides at the end

I didn’t read the file so ended up just running 4 easy miles… duh

SATURDAY April 15th

14km as workout – 4 mi (6.44km) easy, 4 mi working hard towards threshhold, 3 min rest, 1km hard

Awesome run!! I sometimes wish really badly that we had a 4 or 5 mile FLAT spot in town or on the highway, but this is not the case…BUT it’s great training so whatever. That was hard. Last kilometer was more like “whatever I had left” combined with a brutal side cramp that came out of nowhere on the 3 minute rest but oh well! Feeling ready to race next Saturday!

SUNDAY April 16th

60 min crosstrain planned, opted for a recovery pace trail run with husband and we walked the steep hills to really keep it easy and the heart rate low

look closely, there’s Kane

This week felt like a blur. I have been completely preoccupied with the Boston Marathon and all the coverage happening for the race, which takes place tomorrow! Speaking of the Boston Marathon, it’s basically my ultimate dream above all else to qualify and run it…

2019. That’s the plan. I am going to make that happen. Mark my words.


ONE week out from the Tenacious Ten!!!


SIX weeks out from the Calgary Marathon!



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