Training Recap: May 1st-7th

MONDAY May 1st

3k up, 2 x 15min intervals working from 8:20-7:55/mi pace (3 min rest), 3k down

that was hard!

Vinyasa Flow with Tobie

Today I started a 30-day yoga challenge at the studio I used to teach at, Zihkara Yoga! My reasoning for signing up for this during the final 3 weeks of marathon training is that it will help me battle the taper-crazies, and feel strong and stretched and ready to race! I’m trying to go to as many Yin classes as I can, but even a sweaty flow class feels good on the body.. taking it easy!



9km easy with Sam & Rheannon

Invigorating Midday Flow with Tobie



Earlybird Spin with Karen at K2 Cycle Fusion um holy CRAP I forgot how challenging spin is!!!

Morning Flow with Tobie

Warm Yin with Deirdre

(2x yoga…can’t make a class on Saturday!)



3k up, 8 x 800m working at 3min50sec reps, 2 min rests, 3k down. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! This went really well ahahah

Warm Hatha Flow with Shannon


FRIDAY May 5th

Morning Flow with Mandy

9km (very) easy in my living room on the treadmill!



32km comfy pace with Sam & Crystal! BEST LONG TRAINING RUN IN A WHILE!

Oiselle shorts passed the chafe-test, they’re safe for race day. Fueling went well, Huma Gel all the way…well and Sport Beans and Honey Stinger chews and Clif Shot Razz…also pretty excited to try out the Endurance Tap I ordered earlier this week. No blisters or other issues with my rhino feet. Oh, and best of all, NO PIT STOPS.

No yoga, doubled up on Wednesday to make up for today!


SUNDAY May 7th

Flow to Bed with Mandy

Oh look, Sam & Crystal again hahaha


THREE WEEKS TIL THE CALGARY MARATHON!!!!!!!! feeling good! Sub-4 I’m coming for you!!


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