Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 1/10

It’s time I do as I said I would long ago, write a weekly training recap on Sundays! I took an ENTIRE week off of EVERYTHING after the CIM and felt some serious post-race blues. Post-marathon syndrome is real! Google it! My body enjoyed the rest, but my mind didn’t like it.

Last week I jumped back in hard, spinning three times and running by feel on six days, twice on Sunday! We had our second annual Rupert Runners Christmas Fun Run, and then I headed out for 13k solo.

we made the front page LOL

My endorphins seem back to normal now and I’m ready for another build-up! This time around, I’ll be running the Sprouts Mesa-Phoenix Marathon on February 24th in Arizona and Lifelong Endurance will prepare me for this over the next ten weeks! I signed up for this race last February, the day after the event (couldn’t resist the earlyest-bird pricing) and it will be my seventh full marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I am REALLY excited about this, but it is not my goal race of the spring, which I’ll tell you about soon after making plans with Coach Andrew!! For now, I commit to recapping the ten weeks leading up to Mesa-PHX before heading there strong and ready to have a good time and gain more experience in the marathon distance! Here I go.

Monday, December 18th

7k aerobic evening run

30min of functional strength exercises: flutter kicks, Russian twists, lunges, split squats, bridges and planks!

Tuesday, December 19th

10k aerobic morning run

Discovered I was at 2850 km for the year…and an Instagram friend encouraged me to chase down 3000…so I started!

Run #2 in the evening, 6km super easy

Wednesday, December 20th

Early Bird Spin with Karen at K2 Cycle Fusion!

10k easy night run with my girl Jess!

Steph Rothstein socks ❤ 

Thursday, December 21st

10k fartlek on the treadmill before work, by-feel pick-ups up to 2min at a time

too Wintery out for fast running

#chasing3000 run number two:

Friday, December 22nd

12k aerobic run on a beauty day off!!

Saturday, December 23rd

20k nice and easy! Crys met me at 8k and joined for 7 kilometers 🙂

look at what Crystal got me for Christmas!!

Sunday, December 24th

Recovery-style 5km

That’s it! Merry Christmas!

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