Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 3/10

Whoa. Just like that it’s 2018. The year two-thousand eighteen!?!?! Remember when people were freaking out about Y2K?? HAHAHAHA!

I’m so glad to have the Mesa-Phx marathon and Lifelong Endurance to keep me in check in these early months of the new year. My hope is that by the time the end of March rolls around and it’s time to hammer down for my goal marathon training cycle (Jack & Jill) that I’ll have the most solid base to date. A detailed post about 2018 goals is coming soon, like, tomorrow, but for now, here we go with week 3.

Monday, January 1st

6.5k as per Coach Andrew, followed by the Rupert Runners Resolution Run for 3.5 more social kilometers with my husband and friends 🙂 If you’re wondering why Andrew would pick 6.5, it’s because 4 miles = 6.44 km. Imperial coach, metric athlete…




30 minutes of functional strength exercises – bench (couch) squats, split squats, single-leg deadlifts, Russian twists, planks and bridges!

Tuesday, January 2nd

10k aerobic run before work! Today is the first day of the Lululemon 40| 80 Challenge on Strava. I joined “80” which is 80km in two weeks (January 2nd – 15th) which should be no problem, but treadmill runs don’t count so let’s hope for no monsoons or freak snowstorms! Follow me on Strava here 🙂

Wednesday, January 3rd

Early bird spin with Karen at K2 Cycle Fusion!

Thursday, January 4th

8k fartlek! What is fartlek, you ask? Here. This run felt REALLY good. I haven’t run fast in a while, so it was nice to do so on my own agenda.

K, and look what I found in Canadian Running Magazine after my run

“I’ve learned a lot this year, and totally overhauled my mental game and the way I stay present and focused when I run.” – me!! LOLLLLL

Friday, January 5th

6.5k on the treadmill, so it doesn’t count for the 40|80 Challenge! It was a bit nasty out and super dark so I got on my machine and got it done.

Saturday, January 6th

19.3 km, nice and easy! What a gross, non-round number! But hey, 12 miles = 19.3km. Also, I refuse to take down my Christmas tree.

um, the Quill Vest from Oiselle is FANTASTIC…not to mention those ProCompression socks

Sunday, January 7th

25 minutes of strength exercises (not consecutive minutes, unfortunately) – curtsy squats, flutter kicks, bench (shelf) squats, side planks, knee-to-elbow high planks, Russian twists with a large, heavy reference book and lunges with two 4kg jugs of epsom salts.

Recovery-feel run after work, because I didn’t have any bright ideas for cross training and I LOVE RUNNING.

I’m at 42km for the 40| 80 Challenge. Eight days left! Talk to you tomorrow!

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