Recovery Week Recap

Know what I suck at? Taking it easy. I admit that I didn’t take it THAT easy this week, but the fact that I couldn’t wear shoes, and therefore couldn’t run, was very helpful. LOL.

After CIM, I did NOTHING for seven days, and I haven’t felt so depressed in a very long time. This time, my approach was a bit different.

I usually recap my weeks from Monday to Sunday, but since Phoenix was a Saturday marathon, I’ll start with the day after.

Sunday, Feb 25th

Nothing!..besides limping around airports. I spent Saturday night in Vancouver with my besties (dang) since flying into YVR on Saturday from PHX was a shit storm and I missed the connection to Terrace.

Monday, Feb 26th

Sweet f*ck all AGAIN hahahah! I did it! I did nothing.

Tuesday, Feb 27th

Swimming! So obsessed! And I committed and registered for the Olympic distance at the Tyhee Lake Triathlon on July 8th! Better be swimming more!

follow me on Strava here πŸ™‚

Wednesday, February 28th

Day off work! (thank heaven)

Early Bird Spin at K2, which I haven’t been to in a while. Since I still couldn’t wear a shoe on my right foot (on antibiotics at this point) I wore a Hunter sandal and thick sock on that side. LOL.

Followed by…another swim! Wooooo. I friggin love swimming. No beating on the body.

I love Strava!

Afternoon nap.

Thursday, March 1st

30 min on the recumbent bike in our basement. Not my fave, but an option πŸ™‚

Friday, March 2nd

Early Bird Spin again, followed by more swimming! Getting the hang of going straight from the pool to work.


Note: we are now at SIX days of no real shoes, and no running. #humblebrag

Saturday, March 3rd

It was time.

8k aerobic with Jess! Heel felt fine! It’s a different story trying to walk, when my foot goes into full dorsiflexion, but running was alright! CELEBRATIONS!

Afternoon nap.

Sunday, March 4th

16k aerobic with Jess, again! no problems πŸ™‚

I have to say that I am, in ways, grateful for that little setback. It helped me swim all week, use our recumbent bike for the first time since we received it as a hand-me-down, and to think about my future plans without getting too excited and skipping rest.

What’s next for you?? For me, getting back into five runs/week, just one hard session for now, and gradually upping the cross training where it fits into my life. I’ll test out my first 5k race on St. Patrick’s day, and after that comes the Prince Rupert 1/2 Marathon at the beginning of April! Talk soon!


2 thoughts on “Recovery Week Recap

  1. I’m just getting into swimming as well. It was a wake up call of a butt kicking for me. I still can’t really get a good kick because of my achilles, but when I do…LOOK OUT.


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