Pump up the JAMmie Day 2: Death of Garmin

Oh. My. God.

Sorry for all the toilet talk lately but guess what (not who) shit the bed this morning? MY GARMIN FENIX 3 SAPPHIRE. On day TWO of one hundred and twelve days of Operation: Pump up the JAMmie. EXTREME FRUSTRATION. Tenacious Ten is in less than two weeks and I am WAY too type A to even talk about not having a watch on race day. LOL.


I was being so good, figuratively patting myself on the back as I got out of bed at 5:30am for the 12k fartlek Lifelong Endurance had scheduled for me. Then it happened. Frozen on the Garmin Logo screen for a few seconds at a time, only to turn black again and again. I tried every single possible combination of button hold-downs on the internet and any trick from any forum, but nothing.

The dependency on gadgets these days is very pathetic, I know. Yes, of course, I can go for a run without wearing a tracking device! (I did). It was nice to run freely with no clues from anything but my body about how the run was going; I think it’s important to run like that at least once in a while. But some days there are paces I want to hit and the gizmo tells me that, or set distances for interval workouts that I can’t guess! And I’m not going to carry a stop watch. Plus, it’s how my workouts are communicated to my coach, and the success of training has so much to do with that feedback! I am a math geek and I love going over the data after a hard workout. Bottom line, it just really sucks that this happened right as I start working towards the biggest goal ever.

So yeah, not much to report yet about marathon mission. I’ve sent my Fenix back for repair or replacement, since it’s thankfully still under warranty. As per suggestion from my husband, I ordered myself a far more simple and economically priced running watch as a back-up, should this ever happen again. Please pray that it arrives Friday. The way I see it, I’ll also be able to help out any of my friends who have a running watch fail in the future.

Tomorrow is a non-running day and a day off work. I’m hoping my guts go back to normal, I can nap away the tiredness I haven’t been able to shake since Sunday, and that Amazon sends my order out fast. Hahaha. Talk to you on Sunday with a Week One recap. I just had to tell you about my critical runner’s situation. LOL.


*if you’re wondering why I still have a job, I got it back for a short bit cause my replacement bailed gahaha


12 thoughts on “Pump up the JAMmie Day 2: Death of Garmin

  1. I feel ya! All of my Thailand workouts got deleted on my old one and I was like really? Did I even workout?!? Don’t let it deter you – you’re still a badass without it


  2. My Garmin just died on me this week as well! But sadly, the warranty ran out a few months back. I tried to mentally prepare myself to train old school…you know, with my phone in my pocket or in an arm band…but I ended up buying a new watch after one day! lol. I hope your watch gets to you in time!


    1. ahhh I fully understand! so crazy hey, how much we depend on these things! I got the “your order has shipped” email today so I’ll be good to go by friday or monday ahah! did you buy the same as before or different?


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