PUMP up the JAMmie! – Week 12/16

Good week, lots of variety and high mileage. One month to go. I can’t wait to run a marathon again! I’m finding it exciting that I don’t know what the plan is yet from Lifelong Endurance for race day. It’s good. At Jack & Jill, I look forward to running 42.2km in the best shape I have ever been in, on what may be the most beautiful course I’ll ever run. But for now, there’s still a triathlon to crush and a Haida Gwaii honeymoon almost two years in the making!

Monday, June 25threcovery day

this was a scheduled rest day. Probably shoulda rested…but I was on a mini vacation and it was SO nice out and one of my besties was in Vancouver too, so a 14k recovery run it was!

After lunch I went to Kits pool woo! Twelve lengths x 137.5m (I know, it’s SUCH a long pool) = 1650m!

Tuesday, June 26thhard day

10k easy, 6 x [200m hard, 200m easy]

This didn’t feel great. I was still sore and tired and felt like the tin man. But again, so nice out and so great to change up the scenery, so I really enjoyed it regardless.

Afternoon run: 7k easy

This felt a lot better than the morning! So hot and sweaty and amazing!

Wednesday, June 27theasy day

NOVEMBER PROJECT YVR !! The best!! We did a circuit of burpees and park loops in Queen Elizabeth Park. Unfortunately I haven’t come across any pics from this morning, but it was just as awesome as my NP Montreal and Seattle experiences. Kelowna tribe, I’m coming for you!

Later, 10k easy with death toe. Something happened during the half marathon. I think the combo of swollen feet from it being hot out, plus some downhill running and shoes with drop, my big toe turned purple and I’ll stop there with the description. It hurt so badly. But not badly enough to skip a run. (It’s better now.)

Thursday, June 28theasy day

Brick run! 11k bike into 10k run

This was awesome!!! I told Coach Andrew, no wonder triathletes are such killer marathoners! They run on legs that feel like wooden pegs all the time!

Friday, June 29thhard day

  • 3k up
  • 3 x [10:00 @ 5:02 – 4:55, 3:00 easy]
  • 3k down

the goal pace intervals felt REALLY good.

Saturday, June 30theasy day

6.5 easy before mini roadie with husband, then 5k easy in Terrace to make 400 km in June! That’s my biggest month in history.

Sunday, July 1stlong run day

30k workout!


  • 10k easy
  • 5k ~ 5:00/km
  • 3k easy
  • 8k of 2:00 @ 4:52, 2:00 @ 5:25
  • 2k easy
  • 2k empty the tank

Gahhh. First three steps went great but, then my stomach turned and I had to stop. From there on I had the worst side stitches and abdominal pains. I did my best and finished but stopped so many times. Sigh. Win some, lose some. Definitely no cherries during race week…

That’s it! The majority of next week I’ll be away again. It will be nice to change it up again and get a big part of my long run in on packed dirt road, similar to the Jack and Jill course. Talk to you next week with news of my longest long run ever (38k) and my first Olympic Distance Triathlon!!! Baiii

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