hangover-free mornings: still cool 1292 days later


Hope you’re having a good summer so far! I just got back up north after finishing the first of two years of the RMT program in Vernon. What a crazy year. It was no joke the busiest I’ve ever been in my life and went by in the blink of an eye. How I managed to successfully complete a degree in pharmacy back in the day when I was partying most of the time is beyond me. Even if I did still drink now, I don’t know when I would have found the time to do so during this past year!

Over the summer I’m working from home, so sleeping in is an option. In almost four years, however, I haven’t been sleeping in because mornings are a good time to get out and do fun shit! Today I got up with my husband’s work alarm and left the house before he did. Yes, I felt very tired when I first woke up, but literally five minutes of yoga and coffee fixes that.

My friend Jess has been leading a group run on Wednesday mornings here in Prince Rupert and it’s the perfect thing to keep Wednesday mornings awesome while I’m away from my tribe @ November Project Kelowna. Today as five of us ran around our little town at 7 am I was so deeply thankful, still, for feeling happy and alive instead of like a booze-soaked turd.

I wonder how grateful all the cells in my body are, and every tissue and system, for saying bye-bye to alcohol. Feeling good seriously doesn’t get old. It’s been over three and a half years and the freshness does not fade. Eliminating alcohol took quite the process and I would like to enjoy this daily until the end of time.

I hope you feel really, really good today. If you don’t, and are working on that, you can do it. And let me know if you need any help.

xo Jamie


3 thoughts on “hangover-free mornings: still cool 1292 days later

  1. ….I woke up this morning just wanting to crawl in a hole and die. (A lot more to that story but I don’t remember most of it). Sitting here at work in an absolute fog. Just saying to my self over and over, I think I need to quit drinking. Not slow down, not find balance or moderation, or a new cake and eat it too program. The real deal. Just stop….Decided I should go check up on your blog which I have not done in months. Found this little gem.

    I am going to do it. Thank You! Have not commented before but I am a fan for the running stuff but what I really needed was the sober stuff and deep down I’ve known that. Time to put it front and center. Thanks.

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  2. This is an amazing accomplishment of over 3.5 years hang-over free for you Jamie. Running up in Prince Rupert would be such an incredible experience. With the bald eagles, the ocean and the mountains. 🙂

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