Happy Valentine’s Day!


I know Valentine’s Day is really cheesy and annoying in a lot of ways, but I still want to send warm wishes.

Valentine’s Day directly relates to sobriety, in my opinion, because when you decide to get sober, you HAVE to decide that you deserve more and that you’re worthy of a higher-class lifestyle. This is self-love.

The term self-love makes some people gag. I get it. I don’t really like the sound of it either, it has a corny and basic bitch ring to it. LOL. But the CONCEPT is truly crucial to not just happy sobriety, but living happily in general.

Self-awareness, self-image, and all the layers of SELF-CONFIDENCE aren’t things that a lot of us were taught. These are skills, not just things you either have, or don’t. We have to work on them REGULARLY. These are the keys to being happy (again, my opinion), so today as a suggestion, answer these questions and then go about your day with the intention to feel strong, hard-core, unique and sure of yourself.

  1. What are my 2 favourite personality qualities about myself?
  2. What are my 2 favourite physical qualities about myself?
  3. What is one thing I am really good at?
  4. What is one thing people ask me for help or advice with?
  5. What do I have in my life today that I wanted SO BADLY five or ten years ago?

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU. Be positively selfish!

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