I didn’t want to get up this morning…

and then a thought popped into my head.. a thought you might think would have faded by now, or lost its excitement…


Seriously. Over 5 years later and I can check in with that before 6am, half conscious. It gave me some butterflies and I got up and made the coffee! After I chugged some water, I enjoyed my coffee in bed before I went downstairs to the treadmill!

Sobriety doesn’t get old. It might be trending, but it’s really not a fad because it doesn’t go out of style once you experience it. Personally, every day I try to remind myself that I now live the lifestyle that I wanted for YEARS but didn’t initiate for myself.

I am getting really excited to launch my sober lifestyle coaching program, the pilot project is underway and in March it’s officially a go. I can’t wait to help people live the life style they want. I always wished someone would say to me, “Jamie, stop Googling do I need to quit drinking and just let me help you DO it! Get off the fence!”. Now I will be that person for others.

Have an awesome day!!!

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