Good things are coming!

Wow okay I’m so excited about something ELSE ahah (always something, gotta stay excited!!!)

Today Suzanne and I decided to collaborate on a confidence & sobriety project!!! We have yet to establish exactly how it will materialize (virtual course, group program…) but the combination is going to help a lot of people, this I know.

Confidence is one of a few major components of my 5-Week Sober Lifestyle Coaching Program. I associate my successful sober lifestyle, as well as general love of life, with all of the work I have accomplished with Suzanne’s guidance since 2011.

If you have worked with Suzanne, read my blogs or testimonials about her life-changing confidence coaching, or are just feeling curious about her after reading the post I linked above, I want you to stay tuned about our collaboration.

Good things are always coming. Say it with me, “good things are always coming my way!

Especially in these weird COVID’y times, I think it’s critical to stay excited and inspired – if you need a hand with any of that, please let me know



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