the SMELL of sobriety! LOL

OKAY so I was at my friend’s boutique yesterday and she has a great selection of fancy candles. The saleswoman (another fabulous friend of mine) says, “smell the Yuzu + Birch, it’s my favourite!

So I pick up this heavy, swanky candle and take a long smell…my eyes went big and I said to her “THIS IS WHAT SOBRIETY SMELLS LIKE!

Yes. It has a smell. Fresh, natural, happy. Like forest and beach and wood and wind and bike riding and coffee. Okay it just smells awesome. Like freedom and happiness in general.

Scent can be a powerful trigger of emotions and memories – I don’t know what exactly I was associating the smell of that candle with but it was ALL good feelings. This is just another experience that shows me that the lifestyle upgrade that I consider a sober lifestyle to be, doesn’t get old. Even 1886 days in!

Happy Hump Day!

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