It’s Monday, I’m cool with it

I just thought of one of my most HATED memories of the drinking days. Not a specific memory but more of a trend. Mondays. Specifically, Monday mornings.

Whether the hangover was from “Sunday funday” (eye roll) or still lurking from Saturday, Mondays SUCKED. Anxiety. Disorganization. House a disaster. No clean laundry. No groceries. Nothing to bring for lunch.

Mondays had such a bad rap in my former life, and I feel like they do in our world in general. What’s funny though, is that when one is ready for the start of the week, it fucking RULES.

Those annoying sayings out there like “never miss a Monday” or “Monday motivation“, etc, aren’t annoying any more when you’re feeling good and ready to get after it. So I guess what I am saying is…sorry that I used to hate you, Monday.

Mondays are like New Year’s Day, every week. I hope your day (and week!) kicks ass.


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