even a mild hangover would have ended me today!

Hope you had a good long weekend!! I definitely did, but I wish I prioritized a few things differently…

I woke up this morning SO so tired, like so sleepy I wanted to cry. And last night instead of getting groceries we watched an episode of Vikings and stayed cozy in the living room… so ya. No lunch to make and breakfast was a bit limp.

It feels like my to-do list over the next week is big, but really I’m just doing the thing where I’m tired and could use another day off (as could all people, after any weekend of any length usually haha). Also, side-note, I hate taxes.

A while ago I posted about how I’m okay with Mondays now (or Tuesday, in this case) because I don’t have hangovers from getting pissed all weekend, including most likely day drinking on Sundays or the holiday Monday. Today is one of the days where I EXTRA appreciate NOT having a hangover. For real, I don’t know what I would have done this morning if I woke up feeling ill with anxiety, paranoia, guilt or the shakes. I already was tired, disorganized and a tiny bit overwhelmed by the week ahead – imagine amplifying those things and adding another ton of shitty physical and emotional feelings to the pile while praying to a higher power to make bedtime come as fast as possible before even getting out of bed.


Here’s to having a clear head and knowing that dealing with a little start-of-the-week chaos is no match for sobriety.

xo Jamie

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