Monday morning haunted me today

I ran into a friend at the coffee shop this morning and I told her I was having some Monday anxiety. Nothing major but I feel it. Recently I posted about how Mondays don’t affect me the way they used to when alcohol was still part of my life, but when I thought about it again today I realized that there’s still some shit there.

Honestly, I don’t know if I sometimes still associate Monday mornings with past feelings of guilt, shame, regret (you know, drinking feelings) or if it’s just an anti-climax from a great weekend… who knows.

Either way, what matters is that when I stop and check myself, I am reminded that all is well. I actively assess my situation: I don’t have a hangover, I feel awake and healthy. I didn’t spend $200 yesterday on Caesars or blonde ales. I don’t have the shakes and a migraine, I can ground myself. There are groceries in the fridge, I slept alright and my days off were spent having a wicked time outside and being fully present for all of it.

So maybe I haven’t fully dominated EVERY Monday morning, but that’s okay. I hope you have a great week!!


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