Coaching. Right up there with Sober Life!


Okay so ya, I know I go on and on about sober life. How it’s the shit and everything is better (not ALL better, but better in every way vs. booze life) and I share about it because I want to spread the magic.

Since I started coaching in February, I have come to find that 1-on-1 coaching reignites my sober fire and makes me want to run around my house in my pink faux fur coat singing and dancing!!! Helping someone unbuckle the limits of stupid alcohol and develop new perspectives on how doing so promotes a life-upgrade in all areas, is as fucking awesome as my own sobriety. I have a call coming up with someone in Week 4/5 and I feel like it’s race day or something.

Not drinking really seems to be catching on. I meet people who don’t drink and it feels like a secret club. I think I am going to make up a secret handshake, actually.

If you wanna get weird with me and keep growing the club, hit me up. This is fun.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!!! xo, Jamie

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