Stay weird, my friends!!

LOL!! Hi!

Okay my fellow sober friend sent me this meme today and I can’t stop laughing at it and it’s making me so happy. It’s fuckin hilarious BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!

A lot of people seem to think that giving alcohol the boot = things like being serious, boring, shy, un-fun, etc. Incorrect! Once I started to really get the hang of not drinking, which I would estimate took me about 100 days (Belle would be so down with that estimate), I could slowly start to feel more and more authenticity oozing out of me on a regular basis.

I feel like every sober person I know would more or less agree with me on this statement – I have learned more about myself in my 5.5 years of not drinking than I did in all my years getting pissed. I finally really started to learn what I like, love, and am FUCKING OBSESSED WITH with respect to the world, other people, myself and life as a whole. The fucks I give went WAY DOWN, although I probably gave fewer fucks than the average person to begin with, but still. My bravery and spontaneity increased, too.

So what I am saying is stay weird and have fun figuring out who YOU are. I personally think it’s easier to do without all alcohol’s empty promises and chaos.

Have a good week!

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