Hysterectomy – the rest of Day 2

Today basically kept getting better. An intentional 15 min walk outside, a bit of real food (toast with some sort of prune potion that my nurse gave me), another BM and more walking with a friend, Gillian, who has experienced far more when it comes to gynecological surgeries than I have, and a nap.

Still feeling bloated but nowhere near to the degree of last night and this morning. I was able to get in and out of the truck without help, the seatbelt pillow that Lisa gave me is fantastic, and I even went to Lulu, though they didn’t have what I was looking for. I would not have been able to try on clothes but I know my sizes there.

There was one last nurse visit where she gathered all the gear and equipment, gave me more of my new favourite outfit (see mesh manties below) and took the IV out of my hand since the earlier bloodwork showed no need for antibiotics. I was officially discharged from Hospital at Home but we are spending another night in the hotel – the though of driving home today was out of the question. If you have this surgery or one like it, I would not travel the next day!

I feel so thankful that I went for two purposeful walks today, both about 1km. They were slow and I did feel a little soreness after the first one, but I think this is pretty good for the day after the operation. I used my Garmin to keep track so that I can build on the time spent walking and also, in time, the pace at which I’m walking.

Good night, I’m gonna get some legit rest tonight I believe.


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