Hysterectomy Recovery – Days 7 & 8

It’s been a week already! I can’t believe it. At this time last Tuesday I didn’t know if I was gonna survive, but today I’m kicking ass haha.

Yesterday I walked 5k at a medium pace and it felt totally fine aside from the mild low back ache from what I’m confident is just overall pelvic instability. It took less than an hour! I also did 25 minutes of the slow yoga/strength that’s been happening daily since late last week.

TODAY I felt so good that I decided to kick off Week 2 with a legit power walk, as tolerated, of course. My body felt awesome, no aches or pains, no sense of guarding or aprehension about movement (aside from the constant reality that I indeed still have 4 incisions in my stomach that have sutures covered with tape). I walked 6km quite fast, under 10min/km and under an hour total. I pushed it a bit up the steep hills around my neighbourhood and felt fantastic.

I couldn’t get my heart rate to stay above 100 bpm unfortunately, but I think some long efforts with sustained incline on the treadmill might do the trick.

Barely any period-feeling discomfort whatsoever today and it feels like my GIT is functioning at 80-90%. I did a weigh-in first thing in the morning and I’m 4 pounds lighter than on surgery day, which isn’t really a surprise since I haven’t had a real appetite until today. I ate a full restaurant dinner with my mom just now and I’m not having any bloat or pressure. The pressure and air sounds by the diaphragm are gone. I didn’t use the pillow in the car today. Beyond thankful for how this is going!

This is a really cool science experiment and I look forward to trying an inclined power walk in the morning at the hotel I’m staying at tonight. My surgeon said it’s fine to fly, so I’m going for it and continuing this walking/yoga/napping recovery routine in MEXICO for a week at my sister and brother-in-law’s !!!



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