Hysterectomy Recovery: day 18

So on the plane back from Cabo I made a vow to follow the 10% rule with respect to weekly kilometres on my feet during this no-running period. I’ll build on last week’s 50km of walking (and hiking) with a 55km goal this week. Also, I started to form a loose plan for run-walk reintroduction of running starting Monday, Aug 22. This will be a day early but hey I’m a runner and I function in weeks and those weeks start on Mondays. Since I’ll probably revise that plan as it gets closer, I won’t bother posting it now.

There’s a local trail+road race on August 20th that’s happening for only the second time due to the pandemic, and I’d really like to see how some brief jogs feel on my body that day. Last time I got first female, this time I’m just dying to participate! I wonder if 5.75 weeks vs. 6 weeks is really bad?

Today I started thinking about how little guidance was given with respect to what I’m allowed to do. Like I know I said I was told nothing with impact, no heavy lifting or aggressive twisting/pushing/pulling, no swimming and nothing in the vagina but I wish I had a chance to think about it more and ask more questions. I might email my surgeon and ask her a few things because at this point in the recovery I want to do more things!

  • is there a defined weight limit when it comes to lifting/carrying?
  • why can’t I swim once the incisions are 100% closed? Does the vaginal “cuff” take much longer to heal? (so curious)
  • if I have zero pain, discomfort, weird sensations or bleeding does that mean the thing I’m doing is ok?
  • can I road bike in a couple more weeks?

The last day in Mexico on Weds I walked 9km before departure, then another mile from Skytrain to Sarah’s for a 10k day! The flight to Van was fine – no discomfort from the seatbelt or turbulence 😃

I walked the mile back to the Skytrain Thurs morning for flight up north, and later I did a 6k walk that didn’t feel hard enough..not as hot and no 4km hill but did my best!

I hadn’t done any yoga for a while, so got back on it today with 20 minutes on the dock. Later I did a sort of circuit, going up the steep driveway, doing lunges along the dock, single leg deadlifts (weightless) and carrying around 5 pound dumbbells. I’ve read a bunch of resources that give a 10 pound limit so I have it a try and it felt fine but I think I’d rather be conservative and use 3 or 4 pounders once I’m back at my house next week and treadmill hiking.

Today was the second time I felt notably frustrated and a bit down about not being able to run, but 23 days isn’t very long and I’ll stay creative and keep building!!! 18 weeks til CIM !



3 thoughts on “Hysterectomy Recovery: day 18

  1. In reaged to your recovery questions – have you considered reaching out to a physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic health? If there isn’t a specialist in your area, I know more practitioners are offering telehealth these days. I bet they’d have some answers for you. You seem like you’re doing fantastic, best of luck in your recovery!

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  2. I had a LAVH 8 weeks ago and was googling running after hysterectomy and came upon your blog. I started short run intervals last week, but have been nervous. Thanks for sharing how things went for you! And congratulations on making it to Boston.
    Kinda funny….I was at Eugene Marathon 2022 as well!! First marathon, super nervous. Read your recap and noticed we were pretty close together at the end! But I let myself cave to a side stitch, and walked on and off miles 21-24! Which made me miss out on Boston; big bummer! Was on track till then. Oh well!
    Good luck at Boston! Hope the weather is good for you all.


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