Marathoner’s Hysterectomy Journey – 3 weeks post-op!

I’m thinking more and more about CIM. One moment the thoughts are really positive – I’ll come back stronger. This walking/yoga/hiking will be a new kind of solid foundation! I’m so happy that I want to run again now that I’ve had this break! And then the next second I’m like…CIM is less than 18 weeks away, how will I get back to running and train for the marathon in 15 weeks? I’m going to be so slow. There’s not enough time.

Runners are crazy. We know it. Such planners. Detail oriented. Analyzers. Runners hate taking time off, for injury or whatever it may be, because we don’t want to interrupt what we build, week in and week out. I KNOW this break is serving me, but I wish I could start run-walking NEXT week, not 2.5 weeks from now haha.

On Sunday I walked 12km, that was my “long walk” and it got me to 58km for the week, exceeding the goal by a few kilometres. I had sore hips (like my hip joints, not my pelvis) and it felt like such an inefficient way to travel haha. One of my legs is longer and I know for a fact that leg-length discrepancy matters less when it comes to running because only one foot is ever in contact with the ground at a time, unlike with walking. That’s the kind of shit I was thinking about between cult podcasts.

how about that Sunday coffee view

Monday night I hit the treadmill. I tried to wear too many clothes so that I would get really hot LOL. I had on a Buff hat, a neck bandana, knee-high socks and a long sleeve shirt ahahaha I wish I took a pic. The incline varied from 4 to 8% and I carried 3lb dumbbells and did a variety of things with them to try to make it more challenging. It was okay but not as hard as I hoped. That was 4k and about 42 minutes.

On Tuesday I did the first REAL hike, because those ones in Mexico I don’t really count as hikes, aside from the long walk to/around/from that mountain bike park. I did the Tall Trees Trail here where I live and it actually felt easier than ever before, which I find extremely interesting. It took me 58 minutes to get to the top (500m+ gain) and a little less coming down.

Athletic Brewing at the top

Just about 8k round trip. Today I was going to go back and do it again but I wasn’t into the two hour commitment, so I did a 5k rolling trail and it only took about ten minutes longer than when I super-easy run it. I kept anxiously looking at my watch for HR (even though I know wrist-based HR isn’t overly accurate) and feeling disappointed when it kept reading 110ish. Regardless, some good hills, 150m gain and…WHAT ELSE am I going to do?

Can you tell I am getting frustrated. I wouldn’t say I’m feeling depressed, but very eager to move my body more aggressively and burn some energy and feel my lungs burn a bit, and what-if’ing about the fall and running. I don’t know why I’m bitching about anything, since less than a month ago I didn’t even show up to the Midsummer 8k because I was so de-stoked on running.

So I keep reminding myself:

  • I don’t want to F up my new “vaginal cuff”
  • I don’t want prolapse of anything
  • my surgeon knows what the F she’s talking about
  • I can practice being patient and keep doing other things

As of today, which is day 23, two of my incisions are totally closed, two are 99% healed over, and there is barely-noticeable tenderness in those four areas only on gentle palpation. I still have not experienced any bleeding since the day of and the day after the surgery. I have no problems with peeing or BMs, no low-back pain, no period-cramp sort of pain, no vaginal pain and no pain on movements of any kind. My brain knows that I am just over half-way through the 6 weeks and that keeps me cautious, and my body just has an overall feeling of “you’re not 100% yet,” which I am grateful for!

Walking a service road up a mountain tomorrow, I hope it gives me the “workout” I’m craving!



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