Runner’s Hysterectomy Recovery – day 39, still here!

Wow I disappeared for a bit there. When I was approaching this operation, I had a vision of myself moping around at home for 6 weeks, blogging each day for something to do and going stir crazy. It has been such a pleasant surprise, this entire process! The last two weeks my life has felt so normal. The amount of activity I’ve been doing, though not running, has kept my lifestyle what is normally is, and I feel like myself! The time off work and running has been valuable in so many ways and for anyone who might think that summer is a shitty time to be out on surgical recovery, I don’t think it has been shitty in any way!

Last week was a slightly lower volume of hiking and walking as my husband and I were on a wedding trip that had a LOT of driving and many ferries, but I still got in 3 hikes, a ton of walking, a yoga session and a strength session.

On the Saturday (day 33) before the wedding, I did a big hike, almost 14km and it included going up and over the mountain twice that we had hiked the day before, plus lots more and I couldn’t hold back… I did some easy jogging intervals on the flats and non-technical sections of the trail and felt SOOOOOO good!!! I stayed really engaged in the core, ran softly and kept the jogging segments to just a minute or two. Pure fkn joy.

I’ve had a few discussions with other medical professional friends who all have kinda said similar things – the 6 week recovery window is based on the average human. Luckily, I know I’m stronger and fitter than the mean individual and I’m glad to have the body awareness I do. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone about breaking all the rules and lifting heavy shit or going for a full-on run, but I’ve paid attention the whole time to how I’ve felt and navigated accordingly. Today, though, I will run my favourite 5k trail! A few days early. Sue me.

At the wedding, dancing felt so good! I didn’t jump too hard or flail too, too crazy, but I basically just threw 99% of caution to the wind and it was so much fun and I felt normal.

This week, I have continued to do some run-jog intervals and I feel amazing. The lungs feel more or less unscathed. The legs feel a tiny bit rusty since they’ve been hiking and speed walking now for just about 6 weeks, but it’s like riding a bike πŸ™‚

I emailed my coach and asked if we could begin a normal marathon build after next week, using the 14 weeks that we will have at that point to get really ready for CIM. Next week I’m going to easy run all week, by feel, and shoot for a 75 minute effort on Sunday for the “long run.” Honestly, I truly feel like I’ve minimized aerobic fitness loss to the best of my ability and I am proud of it. If you are a marathoner freaking out about time off for a hysterectomy, please don’t.

My scars look like this today. The bottom one on my left is generally covered by undies or bathing suit bottoms. The bellybutton one is basically non-existent. The one on my right below the treble clef is soooo minor, and then the most medial one is the most noticeable but…who the fuck cares LOL.

I am PUMPED! I’m going back to work to treat a small handful of patients next week, and will continue with that until I go back full-time on September 12th, which is the week after a follow-up appointment with my surgeon in Prince George.

Today I got to submit my BQ from Eugene for pre-verification on Athletes’ Village (the B.A.A.’s online platform) and it was so exciting! I feel very content with the fact that if I get in, I’LL GO TO FREAKING BOSTON! And if I don’t, then I’ll GO TO FREAKING BOSTON ANOTHER DAY!

Other exciting things are my husband bought me an inflatable SUP for an early anniversary present and I am stoked to test it out this weekend and get my core fired up for running! Also, something I haven’t mentioned before is that I’m currently working on my VDot coaching certification!! By fall I will be accepting a few athletes for spring race training, anything from 5k-marathon distance πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Life is good. Tuesday coming up is the official 6-week mark since the LAVH and that went by FAST. I’m going to post a summary of everything I did activity-wise so people can really see how much can be done while healing, if healthy to do so, obviously.


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