Boston Marathon…one month to go!!!

Holy actual shit.

I still can’t believe that in 4 weeks tomorrow I’ll be starting my journey east to run the most iconic road race in existence. The dream to run Boston started so long ago…almost 7 years! At the time, it felt too far-fetched to ever actually happen. Having finished that first marathon, BMO Vancouver, in 4:40:50 (6:40/km), I’d need to take 66 minutes off my time to even qualify for Boston with a 3:35 (5:05/km), and depending on the year, more than that to actually get into the race! Maybe one day…

Here we are, March 2023, and the 127th Boston Marathon is in 32 days and I am fkn running it! It doesn’t feel like that long ago that my husband and I did our Oregon Coast trip, sandwiched around the Eugene Marathon where I got the BQ. This is crazy.

Sometimes I re-read different sports psychology and other motivational non-fiction books I’ve collected over the years, and there are so many notes written here and there on the page margins that say shit like, “BQ!!!” and “get the fucking jacket” and “do it to represent Rupert Runners.” It’s fun looking back and knowing I kept at it and made the dream a reality!

This training cycle has been different than any other in a few ways. First, I’ve enjoyed the work more than ever before. The ego-checking that was required after the hysterectomy last summer has allowed me to absolutely savour very-easy running, and in contrast, the hard work has felt so great. Secondly, I have never done more strength and stability training in my life, and I feel STRONG. Combine these things with my amazing coach Jim’s attention to detail and course specificity, and my excitement for this long-term goal, and it’s been unreal.

Since the weather is a total gamble in spring in New England (check out this article I found about the weather history of Boston Marathons), my specific pacing plan will be finalized the day or two before the race. I do however have an overall goal, regardless of conditions – manage myself all the way up until and through the Newton hills so I can feel (relatively) good in the last 8k and soak up every last drop of my first Boston experience.

The hay is almost all in the barn. A few more big sessions, a taper, and a cross-continental journey coming up. Stay tuned wooooooooo


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