Hi! I’m Jamie

36, northern British Columbian, LOVE running and not drinking! I also love food, swimming, nature, self-development, and exploring new places, near or far. I’m a cat-mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I was a pharmacist who recently went back to school to become a registered massage therapist. Best decision I’ve ever made, and there’s no WAY I would have made it if I was still getting drunk on the regular.

After abusing alcohol for about fifteen years, in 2015 I finally gave it the boot. Since then I have theoretically achieved mastery status in sobriety three times over – 30,000 waking hours of practice! I now consider myself an expert. Over this time I took up distance running, have run 12 marathons and over 25 half marathons and other distances, grew the balls to quit the profession I hated, got a new one, started a business and got a much better handle on my mental health, just to name a few things!

Now it’s 2021 and I still have many more goals. My BIG running goal is still to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon, which was set aside for various reasons like education and global pandemic. My big sobriety goal is to expand my reach with respect to being an advocate for a sober lifestyle through offering more support. I am now offering coaching services! I help you embrace a sober lifestyle with confidence and pride so you can feel better, save money and have more time and energy.

My background includes

Along side the topic of sobriety, this blog is often a place for general reflection about confidence and mental health, plus learning and inspiration. It may be a training log again some day, collection of more race reviews and recaps, travel diary and anything else I feel like writing about, like growth and LIFE.

Hope you can relate in one way or another, and enjoy! xo


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