Yes. (In Prince Rupert) it’s finally sunny! I used to synonymize a sunny day with DRINKING. It was automatic. Sunny days and getting drunk went together like sourdough and peanut butter do in my current life. The strength of some alcohol associations..impressive. Some of mine actually felt indestructible for a long time which I’d sayContinue reading “IT’S SUNNY”

even a mild hangover would have ended me today!

Hope you had a good long weekend!! I definitely did, but I wish I prioritized a few things differently… I woke up this morning SO so tired, like so sleepy I wanted to cry. And last night instead of getting groceries we watched an episode of Vikings and stayed cozy in the living room… soContinue reading “even a mild hangover would have ended me today!”

It’s Friday, and there’s no rush

I’m sitting here at my massage therapy practice, having just finished up for the week, and I am struck with such a wicked feeling. I’m calm, grounded and I have zero sense of urgency. Urgency about what, you might be wondering… I remember times, even as a teenager getting off work on Friday evening atContinue reading “It’s Friday, and there’s no rush”

It’s Monday, I’m cool with it

I just thought of one of my most HATED memories of the drinking days. Not a specific memory but more of a trend. Mondays. Specifically, Monday mornings. Whether the hangover was from “Sunday funday” (eye roll) or still lurking from Saturday, Mondays SUCKED. Anxiety. Disorganization. House a disaster. No clean laundry. No groceries. Nothing toContinue reading “It’s Monday, I’m cool with it”

the SMELL of sobriety! LOL

OKAY so I was at my friend’s boutique yesterday and she has a great selection of fancy candles. The saleswoman (another fabulous friend of mine) says, “smell the Yuzu + Birch, it’s my favourite!“ So I pick up this heavy, swanky candle and take a long smell…my eyes went big and I said to herContinue reading “the SMELL of sobriety! LOL”