PUMP up the JAMmie – Week 2/16

Week two!! There was a time in my life where I wasn’t active, then there was a time where I was, but going out of town would de-rail any routine I’d been keeping with. NOW I look forward to taking my running addiction to new places. It was hard waiting for Thursday because I was so pumped to go to Seattle! Having Lifelong Endurance to keep me accountable is invaluable and I love it. Also, running around is a good way to explore.

Monday, April 16theasy day

Marathon Monday!! I was at my parents by 6:15am since we don’t have cable and I was just in my glory, having my coffee, stretching and watching this fantastic dream day on TV. When Chesir overtook Daska I started to really get excited, and then I basically had a heart attack when Desi passed Chesir for the lead, once and for all! GAHHHHHHHHHH! And cherry on top, Krista DuChene hammering in on third place! Go Canada! What a seriously amazing day for North American women’s distance running!

After Desi’s win and post-race mini-interview, I went for a celebratory 7km. Very relaxed but felt super strong from all that inspiration.

Then I had a session with Kristen at the gym. As I’ve mentioned, I normally wouldn’t include a workout like this on “easy day” but I take what I can get since we’re pretty limited as to when we can coordinate. Holy shit. She kicked my ass, as usual! Today was all body weight stuff, lots of plyometrics and core! This may have been the most spent I’ve been from working with her, so far. Such a valuable addition to Pump up the JAMmie!

Later, two more chill kilometers to check the mail (nothing :|)

Tuesday, April 17thhard day


  • 5k easy
  • 10 x 45 sec hills, 1:15 jogs down
  • 3k easy

The new Garmin arrived that afternoon!!! Good to go for the Tenacious Ten! I wanted to test it out but I was so sore from the gym on Monday and those hills were hard enough, so I called it a day. How responsible of me.

Wednesday, April 18threcovery day

1800m swim (warm-up, 3x500m, cool-down)

60:00 nice and easy on the recumbent bike watching Gun Runners (thanks for the recommendation, Jess)

Thursday, April 19thhard day

7k as: 3 easy, 4 tempo

I was on the treadmill for this because it was too dark, early and monsoony to go running alone on the highway. I was SO tired and the voice in my head tried many times to convince me to quit in the warm-up and do it later. I told myself this is the kind of thing I need to be able to get through. Kept at it and by the time the warm up ended I was ready for the 4k and I finished feeling strong and fired up!


picked up Crystal & Bailey at 7:30 for our first mini-roadie to Terrace to catch our flight. Once in Vancouver, we collected our rental car and headed out to Seattle!

Friday, April 20theasy day

NOVEMBER PROJECT!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE THING AFTER RUNNING! And this counts as a functional strength workout for the week! yessssss

The Seattle NP tribe meets in Gasworks Park (the same place at the start/finish of the Tenacious Ten) on Wednesdays, but on Fridays they switch up their location around the city. Today the location was on the north side of the Montlake Bridge. This is pretty much right where I started the Rock’n’Roll Seattle Marathon last June.

We jogged the less than 4km to the location from our AirBnB in Fremont and had the best workout on the most beautiful morning.


Saturday, April 21sthard day

Race day! My race plan was to run four chunks progressively; these were the actual instructions from Lifelong Endurance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • First 5k: controlled
  • Second 5k: apply some pressure
  • kms 11, 12, 13: tighten the screws
  • the rest: progress to slay-mode

My only real time goal was to push the overall pace under 5min/km as I work towards that as goal marathon pace, and if that was happening work for sub 1:20. Woohoooooo! I’ll recap the race tomorrow.

I executed the plan better than any race plan ever before and I can’t wait to tell you about it! (And the whole weekend!)

Sunday, April 22ndrecovery day

7k recovery run with Bailey ❀





SLEEP? Mediocre..

NUTRITION BRAGS? Epic fail over girls weekend away…

CURRENTLY READING: The Resilient Runner (re-reading)


  • Pushing through my body and mind’s hard resistance to that early morning up-tempo run on Thursday before vaca weekend
  • Tenacious Ten execution (recap coming tomorrow)
  • final kilometer of the Tenacious Ten!!! 4:25!!!

NEXT RACE? BMO Vancouver Half Marathon! May 6th!
Talk to you tomorrow! Week three!!!!


Pump up the JAMmie Day 2: Death of Garmin

Oh. My. God.

Sorry for all the toilet talk lately but guess what (not who) shit the bed this morning? MY GARMIN FENIX 3 SAPPHIRE. On day TWO of one hundred and twelve days of Operation: Pump up the JAMmie. EXTREME FRUSTRATION. Tenacious Ten is in less than two weeks and I am WAY too type A to even talk about not having a watch on race day. LOL.


I was being so good, figuratively patting myself on the back as I got out of bed at 5:30am for the 12k fartlek Lifelong Endurance had scheduled for me. Then it happened. Frozen on the Garmin Logo screen for a few seconds at a time, only to turn black again and again. I tried every single possible combination of button hold-downs on the internet and any trick from any forum, but nothing.

The dependency on gadgets these days is very pathetic, I know. Yes, of course, I can go for a run without wearing a tracking device! (I did). It was nice to run freely with no clues from anything but my body about how the run was going; I think it’s important to run like that at least once in a while. But some days there are paces I want to hit and the gizmo tells me that, or set distances for interval workouts that I can’t guess! And I’m not going to carry a stop watch. Plus, it’s how my workouts are communicated to my coach, and the success of training has so much to do with that feedback! I am a math geek and I love going over the data after a hard workout. Bottom line, it just really sucks that this happened right as I start working towards the biggest goal ever.

So yeah, not much to report yet about marathon mission. I’ve sent my Fenix back for repair or replacement, since it’s thankfully still under warranty. As per suggestion from my husband, I ordered myself a far more simple and economically priced running watch as a back-up, should this ever happen again. Please pray that it arrives Friday. The way I see it, I’ll also be able to help out any of my friends who have a running watch fail in the future.

Tomorrow is a non-running day and a day off work. I’m hoping my guts go back to normal, I can nap away the tiredness I haven’t been able to shake since Sunday, and that Amazon sends my order out fast. Hahaha. Talk to you on Sunday with a Week One recap. I just had to tell you about my critical runner’s situation. LOL.


*if you’re wondering why I still have a job, I got it back for a short bit cause my replacement bailed gahaha


2018 week 14 recap!

Weeooo race week! Prince Rupert Half Marathon! Rupert Runners for life! Only one hard day this week for that reason. The only thing I love more than race week is race DAY, which is today since I’m posting this on Sunday morning. I’ll recap the race separately!

Another really fun thing this week is I’ve taken over the Lifelong Endurance Instagram account from Friday til Sunday, so if you don’t already follow them on Instagram, do it! @lifelong_endurance!

Operation: Pump up the JAMmie officially starts TOMORROW! I can’t believe it’s time. I’m ready. The plan is to run strong and finish on empty in this half, giving us an idea of where I’m at. Then, start shit-stomping the operation. Here’s what I was up to this week!

Monday, April 2ndeasy day

7k aerobic, trail πŸ™‚ nice change

Tuesday, April 3rd
hard day

First up, swim. 1650m

Next up, nap! followed by an awesome tempo run

  • 3k easy
  • 4k tempo
  • 3k easy



and finally, GYM! I did workout #1 from Kristen, which is basically full-body. My posterior chain especially is like dammmmn.

Wednesday, April 4threcovery day

Swim only today, and holy shit my arms were tired! I did not expect that. Practiced the same thing as Tuesday, which was 5 x 300m.


progressively slower today. lol

Thursday, April 5th
easy day

7k aerobic. Hamstrings still sore from gym day! Extra foam rolling.


Friday, April 6th
easy day

Started with a swim, and decided to keep it simple but challenge myself with 2 x 500m. Success!! Confidence booster for sure.

Then I went to meet Jess for an easy run..

6.5k aerobic planned..except her plan called for ten and I didn’t say no..whoops. #sorrycoach

follow me on Strava here!

Saturday, April 7theasy day

20:00 easy + strides, the usual pre-race agenda from Lifelong Endurance.

Then I went to grab my bib and that’s it, besides coffee, nap and deck, since the weather was fantastic! And the forecast is looking good for the race, too!! Ready to rock and roll

Talk to you post-race. Happy Sunday xo


I have a Dream. Operation: Pump Up the JAMmie

Pump up the jam
Pump it up
While your feet are stompin’
And the jam is pumpin’
Look ahead: the crowd is jumpin’

Pump it up a little more
Get the party goin’ on the dance floor
See? ‘Cuz that’s where the party’s at
And you’ll find out if you do that

Six weeks of pre-mission prep have gone down, and now, it’s time FOR THE MAIN EVENT.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Alves vs Barberena


The main event, formerly known as Mission Impossible, has been officially named. If you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not recall a post from New Year’s Day where I made this explicit statement:

i’m gonna get so effing strong & take down my 2018 goals like the Undertaker.

This is an absolutely perfect statement regarding how I feel about my mission with Lifelong Endurance to beat my personal best in the marathon by TWENTY minutes.

THE UNDERTAKER! ahaha WWF is fuckin hilarious. Shortly after I posted that plank pic, my freaking IDOL, Laura (@nebraskarunner) posted this:

The Undertaker really speaks to people. I’ve gotten so many awesome suggestions for what to call this endeavor and I could not pick..so I was gonna go with Operation: Undertaker. But the Undertaker is a little grim..and scary….

THEN a suggestion rolled in on Instagram. The name of one of my favourite songs as a little kid in the 90’s, and still one of my favourite pump-up songs to this day. PUMP UP THE JAM! I remember my dad actually had the Technotronic CD LOLOLOL


It’s so perfect and I’m totally sold! I want to run fast just thinking about Pump up the Jam!!!!! And so, we have it! More fun than the Undertaker, and more up-beat.

Operation: Pump up the JAMmie – a sixteen-week training block commanded by Lifelong Endurance and executed by me. A quest for 03:31:18 at Jack & Jill’s Marathon in North Bend, Washington. Fuckin watch me.


you’re still gonna see and hear a lot about this guy. LOL

The basics:

Who?Β  Me, under the wing of Lifelong Endurance

What?Β  take 42.2k tha fuck down (like the Undertaker) and run a 20:00 PR (and BQ)

Where?Β  Jack & Jill’s Marathon, North Bend, WA

When?Β  July 29, 2018

Why?Β  because I want it more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my whole life and I will do WHATEVER it takes to make this happen.

How?Β  stay tuned. Sixteen weeks of what may be too much information, is coming at you

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me SO MANY awesome, fun, creative and badass suggestions. That was fun! The PRO Compression socks go to Jane, thanks for the perfect idea! (she picked the neon candy socks, good choice)

And now, I will leave you with the dance I’ll be doing for a warm-up from now until..ever.

2018 week 12 recap!

As you may or may not know, I consider myself to be in pre-Jack & Jill preparation right now, which I sometimes refer to as Mission ImpossibleΒ ..(but I’m in the process of changing the name!) Not so much with hard training, but disciplining my brain with meditation and visualization, plus getting the hang of managing each day of a busy week. Time management is a key part of this prep, figuring out how to accommodate all the running, plus swimming, cycling, strength, proper diet, rest and recovery! Tetris.

Under the guidance of Lifelong Endurance, I will be adding weights to my strength training regimen to prepare for Jack & Jill. Since January, I’ve been consistent, doing some sort of strength session twice weekly. They’re home workouts, mostly core, but I do functional strength exercises for legs, hips, glutes, etc, from Coach, too. However, aside from using ankle weights at times or small dumbbells, I haven’t incorporated weight training. That’s where Kristen will be coming in!

This week I’m setting myself up for that, aiming for a manageable once/week in the weight room during marathon training, and keeping one or two other strength/stability sessions at home through the week as well. Kristen is going to show me what’s up, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Monday, March 19theasy day

8k aerobic before work

definitely some muscle soreness from Saturday’s race and yesterday’s long run plus deep-tissue massage! (Thank you, Diane!) I planned to swim after work, but changed my mind – went home to make dinner and go right to bed. Sleep was so needed.


Tuesday, March 20thhard day


  • 3k warm-up
  • 4 x [1600, 3 min rest]
  • 2 & a bit km cool-down

holy. shit. I reminded myself beforehand that the prescribed pace for these reps is not as fast as my overall pace in Saturday’s race. A good reference point. But the third and fourth nearly killed me! I had to re-start the 1600 on those last two, as you can tell from the graph, but completed each successfully. That’s just the way this running thing works. Each day feels different. F yeah.

Then I fit in an 800m swim and stretch in the steam sauna before work

After work, I was so crabby and tired. Husband was getting on the treadmill so I joined him in the basement and did a round of Dirty Dozen plus a variety of squats and single-leg deadlifts. Felt so much happier after that and we made my favourite dinner ever from Run Fast, Eat SlowΒ – burst cherry tomato linguine. Seriously omg.

Wednesday, March 21strecovery day

Hump day! 2000m in the pool.

I had no intention of doing anything else today, but was pissed off about something at work, so I threw on my shoes when I got home and went for 5k with my watch covered up.

ahh. All better.

Thursday, March 22ndeasy day..until it became hard day

The plan from Coach today was simply 10k aerobic. But today was the day I was able to do my first session with Kristen and she has a busy schedule! It quickly became hard (AF) day. Going forward, I’ll make sure not to be going hard in the gym on easy days, but I wanted to get going with her so I just went with it.

After a detailed consultation about current fitness, types and frequency of exercise, we talked diet, goals, injuries/problem areas, took measurements and did a weigh-in. Then she put me through a SOLID full body workout. Ten minutes of challenging cardio to start, and then legs, arms, back and core. I am so stoked about this. She’s planning lots of stuff for me that I know Lifelong Endurance and Coach Andrew will be so happy about, and will help with the Mission. Since Kristen trains out of the pool gym, I went for a sauna and stretch after we were done.

Later, 10k aerobic, which wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be after that gym sesh, but a few times I noticed my upper body feeling pretty fatigued.

follow me on Strava HERE!

Lastly, I went to Learn to Run, because it’s fun and awesome. That added on another 3.5km of running/walking and I was done for the day. Cat onesie and chill.

Friday, March 23rdhard day..again

progression run!

  • 3k warm-up
  • ~ 30min progression from 8:30 to 8:00/mile (i.e. ~5:20 – 5:00/km)
  • 3k cool-down

I was scared I’d be soooo sore from yesterday and that this might suck. But then I said Fk that! I’m not that sore, it’s beautiful out, and this isn’t any sort of vicious workout. Let’s do this. IT WAS SO GOOD.


left it at that for the day!

Saturday, March 24threcovery day

One of the lifeguards at the pool told me that now it’s time to start swimming 200m intervals to work on endurance. I decided today was the day to start doing that. After a 150m warm up, I got started. Turns out, like running, you really do need a legit warm up. The first 200m I thought I was going to drown. But each one got better and better, until after six of them I did a 250m, and seeing that I was now at 1600m in total, I decided to go for it and try 400m to finish it off. Success! Swimming stokage is at a new level woooo!

Sunday, March 25thhard day

long run!

On the schedule today was 24km, with the last half an hour at 5:05-5:10/km. Jess and I ran the first 19km together at a conversational pace, and then we high-fived and said bye. I cannot believe how good these last 5.5k felt. Like, I felt like Mario when you get a star. Faster than prescribed, but everything felt so under control I just went with it. VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS.


Followed up with some pancakes, stretching and foam rolling and I’m done for the week. That’s a 77k week for me and I am feeling like a million dollars. Two weeks til the Prince Rupert 1/2 Marathon, four til the Tenacious Ten, and six til BMO Vancouver 1/2!!!! The future is stacked with awesome races. Let me know if you’ll be at any of them.

Oh and lastly, some of the best suggestions so far for renaming Mission Impossible (LMFAO)

  • Operation: Kick it in the Dick
  • Operation: Foxtrot Yankee Alpha
  • Hustle to the Hub
  • Pump up the Jammie
  • Operation: Rolling Jam Jam
  • It’s Boston, Bitch
  • Operation: Randy Savage
  • Hurricane Jammie



2018 Week 11 Recap! ahahaha

I’m starting to specifically identify my days as either hard, easy or recovery, setting my intention for the day while I have coffee in the morning. Lifelong Endurance gave me the suggestion. This is something I’ve said I was gonna do in the past, but I never fully got into it. I’d like to really get the hang of it before marathon training begins again.

A hard day is a workout day, and it’s hard. Hahaha. Hills, track, tempo run, intervals or a race. High heart rate, non-conversational-pace stuff. This would also be a day to add other hard things, like weight training or an intense spin class that can leave muscles sore later or the next day. Coach says stack the hard days if I want to, but do the run first. If ass-kicking stuff gets spread all throughout the week, when is recovery? I get it now.

An easy day is aerobic running, i.e. no significant recovery window required, and won’t interfere with whatever is coming up. Sometimes I might also include swimming, yoga, or easy cycling, but I’ll be avoiding spin class on easy days going forward.

A recovery day is what it sounds like! RECOVERY! Generally no running, or if there is running it’s at a very easy-feel pace with low heart rate. Since I usually have two days/week designated for recovery, I like to make sure at least one of them has no running at all.

Let’s test it out.

Monday, March 12theasy day

Swim – 2000m

Relaxed because my swims always are. I’m still learning. This really helped ease me into the day, so fking sore from Sunday’s workout!

like my hat

8k aerobic run

I did it. Ignored my watch, paid attention to my sore muscles, breathing and heart. Glorious.

the alpacas have the best view

Tuesday, March 13thhard day

Hills! for real, I got to race a forklift on rep number eight.

  • 5k easy
  • 10 x :45 hills with 1:15 jog down in between
  • 3k easy

Later, I joined in at Learn to Run, it was nice to run on the track, it’s finally snow-free.

Finally, strength workout! Because it’s hard day and hard work happens today! One round of Dirty Dozen, then a full-body stretch and foam roll.

Wednesday, March 14threcovery day

Coffee with husband, back in bed for a NAP!

Swim. I forgot it was Spring Break…the pool was a zoo.

Second nap. Yesssss. I’m gonna be so good at not having a job!

Thursday, March 15thhard day

Tempo kms

Seven kilometers as 3k easy, 4k tempo. A little faster than the prescribed 4:52/km…I’d like to be better about keeping to the pace from Coach. It’s a mental thing for me, because when I see a 4, I still have a tendency to think it’s SUPER SUPER FAST RUNNING. Working on it!

Friday, March 16theasy day

pre-race run before work! 20:00 relaxed running plus some strides

I hope they banish daylight savings!

Then I headed to the pool.

Saturday, March 17thhard day

St. Patty’s Day 5k race! HUGE thank you and congratulations to Skeena Valley Runners Club for hosting this race, the first since their club revival!

Okay. This day. ahahahah! First. Look at Jessica’s costume. She is getting piggy-backed by Seamus our Leprechaun friend. Now check out my beard. And how sweet is this crew of Rupert Runners!? This is only half the Rupertites who showed up!

from the Terrace paper!

This was my first time truly racing a 5k. I knew I wanted to do my very best and practice mental toughness, but I also really wanted to wear my beard and wasn’t sure if it would interfere. In a previous post I stated that, at the time, I had a goal of 4:40/km overall pace or better for this race, using my last fit test from Andrew as a loose reference. But then on Friday he told me sub-23:00 was the goal. This is 4:35/km or faster. Okay, boss.

So, at the starting line, I officially had three goals, one of which was already accomplished

  • get jumping leprechaun photo with heels clicking in the air (LOLLLLL)
  • don’t crap my pants
  • do my very best and finish under 23:00!

Before even 2km I was so hot and uncomfortable so I took the face wig off and ditched it with the next race marshal I saw. I was also noticing how fking hard it is to run fast, and then…the expected voice spoke to me. LOL.

no big deal if you just slow down, this is a fun, dress-up race and this pace and beard are both very uncomfortable..”

NOPE! NOT TODAY MADAFAKA. I have been meditating since I got back from Phoenix, where my friend and Lifelong Endurance teammate, Kate, told me about how hard she had to work on her mental game to achieve her marathon goal, which she smashed. I was so inspired. Jack & Jill training officially starts April 9th, but PRE-Jack & Jill preparation began on February 26th! I cannot even begin to describe how much the meditation helped me stay on track during today’s race. I shut that voice the fuck down and focused and I’m SO PROUD OF MYSELF.


Kilometer 5! So close to the finish line, and death


I did it! I am most stoked about my mental game staying strong! 00:22:55 baby, and I didn’t shit my shorts.

Okay, and look at the medals! They’re wood! And awesome! AND I GOT TWO! One for finishing, and another because I actually got second place for women! And 10th overall! Yasssss.

these chicks KILLED IT!

We had the best lunch and then a scenic drive home. Love my friends.

Sunday, March 18theasy day?

20k aerobic – controlled and easy (no fast finish or sets within the run)

Aside from a couple of pit stops plus some muscle soreness from yesterday, this run was awesome. Took the whole thing nice and easy and then ran the final kilometer at five minute pace, which is goal marathon pace for Mission Impossible.

I tested out a Cafe Mocha Huma Gel, which I LOVED! I want to incorporate some caffeinated gels into my next marathon cycle and this one is so far so good.

So, pretty sure designating each day’s purpose is gonna be good for me, especially when Lifelong Endurance starts royally kicking my ass again! What’s next? The Prince Rupert Half Marathon! WOOO! My favourite race! There is also a two-person half marathon relay, and an 8k race, too. If you live in or around Prince Rupert, here is the link to register!

Talk soon!