“How to Quit Drinking”

“How to Quit Drinking.” – an instruction manual I searched for off and on for close to ten years. This of course was after searching for a few other things (also over and over again) that by now I’ve learned are super common for many people to poke into a search engine. Things like: “helpContinue reading ““How to Quit Drinking””

Good things are coming!

Wow okay I’m so excited about something ELSE ahah (always something, gotta stay excited!!!) Today Suzanne and I decided to collaborate on a confidence & sobriety project!!! We have yet to establish exactly how it will materialize (virtual course, group program…) but the combination is going to help a lot of people, this I know.Continue reading “Good things are coming!”

I didn’t want to get up this morning…

and then a thought popped into my head.. a thought you might think would have faded by now, or lost its excitement… I DON’T HAVE A HANGOVER. Seriously. Over 5 years later and I can check in with that before 6am, half conscious. It gave me some butterflies and I got up and made theContinue reading “I didn’t want to get up this morning…”

(old favourite REPOST) I quit drinking and discovered I’m an introvert.

(Originally posted February 2018) My entire life I thought I was a straight-up social virtuoso. Fear of missing out plagued me any time I couldn’t attend a party, outing, get-together or weekend away. Any event that might involve alcohol I HAD to be part of. Being someone who’s gone to school, plays sports, has hadContinue reading “(old favourite REPOST) I quit drinking and discovered I’m an introvert.”

I just imagined trying to make sourdough when I was a Lush

Yes, I am one of the 38596948 people who got into baking sourdough bread at some point over the course of this fking pandemic. I love it. The trial and error, trouble shooting, successes and also the process. I love it all! This morning I had a thought. WHEN would I have done this ifContinue reading “I just imagined trying to make sourdough when I was a Lush”