Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 1/10

It’s time I do as I said I would long ago, write a weekly training recap on Sundays! I took an ENTIRE week off of EVERYTHING after the CIM and felt some serious post-race blues. Post-marathon syndrome is real! Google it! My body enjoyed the rest, but my mind didn’t like it. Last week IContinue reading “Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 1/10”

RUN 2017 – recap & lessons learned!

It’s mid-December. How? I feel like yesterday I was in the final weeks of training for the Dopey Challenge at Disneyworld. That was in January! So much happened this year in my running life. Awesome races. Some necessary let-downs. Some massive breakthroughs. This year, I can confidently say I transitioned from believing that I wasContinue reading “RUN 2017 – recap & lessons learned!”

Being the Boss of the Run (Thriving vs. Surviving)

Remember I used to talk about that fake club, the Slow Sucky Runners Club? My mindset has changed SO much over the last five years when it comes to my attitude about myself as a runner, as well as what terms like “fast” and “slow” mean. I haven’t managed to fully escape and eradicate theContinue reading “Being the Boss of the Run (Thriving vs. Surviving)”

Current Fall Running Favourites!

It’s FALL!!! A runner’s favourite seaon! For many, fall marathon or other distance training is well under way. The weekly kilometers are getting up there. As the window of daylight continues to shrink, the temperatures slowly drop and the runs get longer and/or more frequent, I start to find it more obvious the gear IContinue reading “Current Fall Running Favourites!”