PUMP up the JAMmie! – Week 13/16

TWENTY DAYS out. This last week was big and awesome! One thing I very specifically took note of this week is the ability of my body to recover. Lifelong Endurance has guided me to becoming so much stronger, and I am really REALLY looking forward to running 42.2k on July 29th! I haven’t run a marathon in over four months. It’s (almost) time. LOL.

Monday, July 2ndeasy day

10k nice and easy. Didn’t really feel like going, ended up being awesome. Weird 😉

Tuesday, July 3rdhard day

  • 3k easy
  • 8 x [800m ~4:30/km, 2:00 rest]
  • 3k easy (I only did 2)

Average pace for the eight 800s was 4:25/km. I took the rests very easy, walking for at least a minute of the 2:00 each time. I wanted these 800s to be solid because the last time I was at the track I was sick as a dog and it was very discouraging. Awesome workout!!

Later that day, 7k easy before dinner

Wednesday, July 4theasy day

Back on the road! I headed to Telkwa to visit my friends for a few days and then go camping with the tri crew on Friday. This is one of my favourite places on the planet.

10k easy was on the schedule. My friends live at the very top of basically a 10k hill. The final 2.5k to their house is the steepest! Every time I go I envision myself being able to run back up slowly but consistently and it never happens. I did intervals of 200m jog, 100m walk for the final 2.5k of this run.

Thursday, July 5threst day!

Zero exercising today! My quad was sore from the track on Tuesday and then the pounding downhill on Wednesday, so I was glad to take it easy! Plus, 38km was on schedule for the following day!

Friday, July 6thlong run day

Thirty-eight kilometers!!! This was the kind of run that didn’t feel AMAZING but also wasn’t anything to complain about. I wasn’t able to pick up the pace in the last 8k, which was the plan “if feeling good” but I was consistent and my fueling was awesome.

After food, coffee, nap and more visiting, I headed down to the Tyhee Lake campsite.

Saturday, July 7theasy day

6.5k easy along the triathlon run course! I considered skipping this run…we were on our feet all day long at the farmers’ market and exploring around downtown Smithers, and then Erin, Corey and myself went for a mini-swim to test the temperature of the lake. Adding on a run seemed like so much work, but I went for it. The beginning felt terrible! My quad felt like it had a rock hard knot in it on the left, and my left ankle was hurting too. But things improved and as always I was very happy to have gotten it done and stuck to my schedule.

Then it was dinner time with the tri crew (now called the Piranhas) and very early to bed!! Wooooo!!!!

Sunday, July 8thhard day! Tyhee Lake Triathlon!

Okay. Triathlon is the BEST. You know how I am obsessed with marathons? I might be MORE obsessed with triathlon. I’ll write a full review of this race because it’s so great people need to know more about it, but in summary…

Swim: despite having gotten into the water pre-race and practicing some breathing and warming up, I couldn’t calm the F down for the first 500m. It was frustrating. I’ve worked so hard on my swim! At the second buoy, I started to pull myself together over the next 250m. The second loop was AWESOME and went by in the blink of an eye.

Bike: great! I am not an experienced cyclist and didn’t train nearly enough. This was hard, but bike riding is soooo fun! I worked as hard as I could and enjoyed myself. Forty kilometers felt long!

Run: started amazing, faded quite a bit and had some negative thoughts, told them to STFU, and then smashed the second half. I passed a lot of people! AND it was hot out and I didn’t even notice. Stoked on this run overall!

my girl Erin here got second place!

Such an amazing way to cap off the week! A super fun and exciting full-body workout that ended with running on very tired legs – excellent practice for the marathon! Such a positive racing experience with my friends.



INJURIES/PRE-HAB?  quad was concerning me but it seems to have loosened up and isn’t irritated anymore!

SLEEP?  fine

NUTRITION BRAGS?  Um Skratch Labs powder has now served me well three times during hard and/or long workouts. My fueling on the 38k and during the tri was really good!

CURRENTLY READING:  probably going to listen to How Bad Do You Want It on repeat until the marathon now..

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER(S):  the triathlon! Specifically the last 5km! Also putting 38k on these legs just two days before.

NEXT RACE:  Jack & Jill’s Downhill Marathon. Holy shit.


Scotiabank Vancouver Half & 5k!

I’ll start with the fact that I really LOVED this event! Since the week prior I was sick as a dog, I wasn’t too sure how it would go, but by the time race day came around I felt a lot better and my Friday and Saturday runs felt good. I wasn’t worried.

Bib/shirt pick-up was fast and easy at the Vancouver Convention Centre and the expo was very small. We were in and out within just a few minutes. I actually like the t-shirt and will wear it in real life after I take it in at the bottom. Why do shirts flare out at the bottom!?!?! It’s pretty plain but I love me a white t-shirt!

In the afternoon I managed to get in a SOLID nap. For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant and I stuck with a safe meal of edamame, tofu and rice. I also avoided sugar all day with the help of Karmen. Once I laid out all my gear for the next day, it was early to bed.


By morning, I decided to go with minimal clothing. My fear of being hot is very real ahaha. I love the new Tracksmith crop that Karmen picked up for me when she was in Boston for the marathon, but it needs a bra underneath and two layers on a warm day was terrifying! It was Global Sports Bra Squad Day anyway, so I stuck with just a Lulu Energy Bra. I’m so glad I didn’t wear a shirt, I would have actually died.

I was up at 5:20, then left the house around 6:15 to meet my buddy Kelly (who killed his first half marathon in under two hours) and share a cab to UBC. The starting area is by Thunderbird and it was an easy place to get dropped off, as well as a really good area for a race to start! I managed to get in line for the bathroom before it got crazy. In my opinion there weren’t enough toilets. They were in small groups in different spots here and there I think? Anyways. So many great places to warm up like along Main Mall! I did a jog, drills and strides. Today I felt relaxed and calm about the race.

I got into the red corral around 7:20 and saw my friend Thai and some of his November Project Vancouver crew while waiting for the race to start. Then we were off! Here’s the profile:

My general plan was to run the first 7k at ~ 4:59/km. After 7k is when the giant downhill starts happening. I was a tiny bit fast at first in the initial 3k downhill, but I held back, and then a little slow on some of the following uphill splits for the next 4k. It didn’t matter, it all evened out and I was at a 4:59 average pace after 7k!


I felt very patient and relaxed and tried to keep my heart rate in check. People around me were huffing and puffing and wheezing after just a few kilometers! It was already getting warm.

The next part of the plan was to run kilometers 8-12 around a 4:57/km pace. I tried to stay in the shade and felt VERY thankful that I decided to bring my handheld Nathan. Still, I took water at every aid station except the first. Somewhere in kilometer 8 I took a gel and it sat fine.

At times I had trouble running that ~4:57 pace. It felt easier to either relax into ~5:05/km, or to pick it up and flow around ~4:50/km; I couldn’t seem to find the middle. If it had been cool out, I would have taken a chance and just ran in the low 4:50s. But it was warm and I was afraid of burning out. Regardless, this 5k section went well!

My next section was 13-17k. Another 5k chunk that I wanted to run around 4:56/km. In kilometer 13 there is a short hill from Marine Drive up on to 4th and it was hard! I also didn’t want to send my heart rate buckwild. A downhill followed and I regrouped. Aside from the split with the hill, good section!

having fun!

This next part of the course I just wanted to put forward my best effort until reaching the crest of the Burrard Street Bridge, which counts as home free in my books. Turning up Maple Street was challenging; I was now hot and tired, but the end was near! It was time to tackle the bridge. I saw East Van Run Crew at the turn off of Cornwall onto the bridge and ripped open my mocha Humagel hoping to add to the boost of seeing them. The bridge didn’t feel hard back in 2016 during the Vancouver Marathon, but I wasn’t running that race with any goal but completion. This was tough! It’s about a kilometer long, uphill with zero shade! I ignored my watch, swung my arms and smiled, and I might have been running with my eyes closed LOL.

The crest of the bridge is at 19k. Two kilometers left. I told myself every second counts and to run 2000m on downhill/flat with heart and caffeine. I was hurting and definitely didn’t have the best energy, but I was able to spin my legs for a 4:40 and 4:38 in 20 and 21, respectively.

At the 21k marker I had a thought..“fuck, am I gonna be that person who hits the deck in the last hundred meters?” 😂😂😂 WTF brain!?!?! But I saw Karmen and Adam and thankfully made it! Thirty-three seconds shy of my sub-1:45 goal, but still a personal best!!! I can’t wait to run a cold Fall half marathon!

Kilometer 21!

I’ve always said I hate and suck at running in the heat. Not today mofo.


Official time: 01:45:32. Good old Strava tells me that for 21.1k, I ran 01:44:29. Too bad tangents are a thing haha. I’ll get my real life sub-1:45 soon, I know it!

After crossing the finish I switched bibs (thank you, Adam!) and jogged the 5k race for a cool down and some extra mileage.

I also wanted another medal. Look, they’re big!

Karmen, Adam, Jess and I found each other and then we ran into Steph, who won the 5k! Quick pic, retrieved my gear bag that I checked at UBC, and then it was time for a shower and FOOD. We walked home along Pacific and got to support the half marathoners who were still coming in. This is also a section of the Vancouver Marathon and it brought back memories of 2016!!

Epic meal time today took place at the Twisted Fork on Granville. Banana-stuffed french toast with syrup and whipped cream? Yes fking please.

The Scotiabank Vancouver Half & 5k weekend was AWESOME!!! Yes, it’s bound to be hot, being a late June event, but the course is awesome (yet a little misleading at a glance) and I friggin LOVE running in Vancouver! This course is beautiful! The scenery is amazing and even though the Burrard Bridge is one of the hardest parts, it’s so gorgeous running over bridges!!! I would have liked to see at least a couple more water stations, especially considering the history of the weather at this event, but the aid stations were by no means scarce. I just think a few more would make a huge difference. There was some great spectator support and the finish area in Stanley Park is fantastic!! Sweet medals, decent shirt, and perfect start and finish areas! You should run this race next year! 🙂

I’m just over four weeks out from the marathon. Yes, a faster half marathon time would be a huge confidence booster, but I still feel very happy that I wasn’t affected by warm temperatures the way I thought I would be. Also, it’s comforting to keep in mind that I am running a downhill marathon for a reason; to support my goal. I feel good and I’m excited!!!! Peeaaaace.

PUMP up the JAMmie! – Week 12/16

Good week, lots of variety and high mileage. One month to go. I can’t wait to run a marathon again! I’m finding it exciting that I don’t know what the plan is yet from Lifelong Endurance for race day. It’s good. At Jack & Jill, I look forward to running 42.2km in the best shape I have ever been in, on what may be the most beautiful course I’ll ever run. But for now, there’s still a triathlon to crush and a Haida Gwaii honeymoon almost two years in the making!

Monday, June 25threcovery day

this was a scheduled rest day. Probably shoulda rested…but I was on a mini vacation and it was SO nice out and one of my besties was in Vancouver too, so a 14k recovery run it was!

After lunch I went to Kits pool woo! Twelve lengths x 137.5m (I know, it’s SUCH a long pool) = 1650m!

Tuesday, June 26thhard day

10k easy, 6 x [200m hard, 200m easy]

This didn’t feel great. I was still sore and tired and felt like the tin man. But again, so nice out and so great to change up the scenery, so I really enjoyed it regardless.

Afternoon run: 7k easy

This felt a lot better than the morning! So hot and sweaty and amazing!

Wednesday, June 27theasy day

NOVEMBER PROJECT YVR !! The best!! We did a circuit of burpees and park loops in Queen Elizabeth Park. Unfortunately I haven’t come across any pics from this morning, but it was just as awesome as my NP Montreal and Seattle experiences. Kelowna tribe, I’m coming for you!

Later, 10k easy with death toe. Something happened during the half marathon. I think the combo of swollen feet from it being hot out, plus some downhill running and shoes with drop, my big toe turned purple and I’ll stop there with the description. It hurt so badly. But not badly enough to skip a run. (It’s better now.)

Thursday, June 28theasy day

Brick run! 11k bike into 10k run

This was awesome!!! I told Coach Andrew, no wonder triathletes are such killer marathoners! They run on legs that feel like wooden pegs all the time!

Friday, June 29thhard day

  • 3k up
  • 3 x [10:00 @ 5:02 – 4:55, 3:00 easy]
  • 3k down

the goal pace intervals felt REALLY good.

Saturday, June 30theasy day

6.5 easy before mini roadie with husband, then 5k easy in Terrace to make 400 km in June! That’s my biggest month in history.

Sunday, July 1stlong run day

30k workout!


  • 10k easy
  • 5k ~ 5:00/km
  • 3k easy
  • 8k of 2:00 @ 4:52, 2:00 @ 5:25
  • 2k easy
  • 2k empty the tank

Gahhh. First three steps went great but, then my stomach turned and I had to stop. From there on I had the worst side stitches and abdominal pains. I did my best and finished but stopped so many times. Sigh. Win some, lose some. Definitely no cherries during race week…

That’s it! The majority of next week I’ll be away again. It will be nice to change it up again and get a big part of my long run in on packed dirt road, similar to the Jack and Jill course. Talk to you next week with news of my longest long run ever (38k) and my first Olympic Distance Triathlon!!! Baiii

PUMP up the JAMmie! – Week 11/16

Holy crap I was so sick all week. After the long run two Sundays ago, I thought I must be on the way back to normal since it went well, but I was wrong. Anyways, week 11 went alright and ended well! Five weeks out from Jack & Jill! Lifelong Endurance had me rest as needed, which is amazing.

Monday, June 18theasy day

6k easy run + strides in the heat 🔥

I figured since it was gonna be hot for Scotia it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some running in the heat of the afternoon. I was so congested and feverish but managed and I thought the profuse sweating would help me detox whatever virus I had.

In the late afternoon Erin, Rheannon and I headed to Taylor lake for some more swim practice in open water. Solid swim.

Tuesday, June 19threst day

Sick day. Over night I got so much sicker! So annoying! I also had a VERY stressful day, which I will tell you about in another post. Just to get you curious, I am now going to a completely different massage therapy institute for school

Wednesday, June 20thhard day

Track attempt omg. The workout wasn’t huge, it was a race-week workout of:

  • 3k warm-up
  • 3 x [1600m @ 4:21/km, 3:00 rest]
  • 3k cool-down

Well that didn’t happen. The warm-up was fine, the first interval was a struggle and a tad slower than prescribed, and from there on I just did my best. My whole self was so lethargic and clammy. I’m glad I got out and tried though!

An afternoon lying low and I felt good enough to go to Butze for a very easy trail run for Global Sports Bra Squad Day! The real day is Sunday, but our official Prince Rupert meet-up was today! So awesome.

Thursday, June 21strest day

Road trip! We hit the road for the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5k. No scheduled run today! Relaxing with Jess for eight hours on the road, healthy snacks, a few little naps and then a decent sleep in Prince George. I needed that down day.

Friday, June 22ndhard day

We made it to Vancouver 😀

5k relaxed, 5k around half marathon pace was on schedule. I ran with my friends Karmen and Adam for the first half, then picked it up on the back half. Felt amazing and finally un-sick aside from a lot of snot.

Saturday, June 23rdeasy day

6.5k relaxed, and today relaxed was quicker than usual. Yessssss.

We spent the day walking around way too much (such a rookie move…oops) but napped before dinner and got to bed early!

Didn’t end up rocking the new Tracksmith crop that Karmen picked up for me in Boston, I am an over-heater and the thought of two layers and an extra inch of fabric was too scary 😂😂

Sunday, June 24thrace day!

I will recap this on it’s own! But in short, it was a great day!! Too warm for my liking but that’s the reality of a late Spring race! I missed my goal by 32 seconds which is highly frustrating, but I still ran a personal best in the half marathon distance!

After crossing the finish line, Adam was so kind to bring me my 5k bib so I could continue to the next starting line for my cool-down. LOL. I wanted another medal and some extra kilometers because…marathon training!

Jess did so well and placed in the top 10 in her age group for the 5k! Steph friggin won the race (not surprised)!

Back to training. I have work to do. Talk to ya soon with that race recap 😉




INJURIES/PRE-HAB? nothing to report

SLEEP? medium

NUTRITION BRAGS? first road trip where I ate healthy snacks and not all crap!

CURRENTLY READING: nothing right now, I’m in Vancouver!

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER(S): a half PR on a hot day, and feeling almost back to 100% health

NEXT RACE: Tyhee Lake Triathlon! July 8th!

PUMP up the JAMmie! – Week 10/16

I can’t believe Jack & Jill’s Marathon is in six weeks. Week ten has been great. Lots of variety, especially with the triathlon creeping up in just three weeks! The rest day on Monday was so valuable, and the long run workout this morning was exactly what Lifelong Endurance wanted it to be for me – a confidence builder! The perfect way to close out the week, especially since my long run last Sunday was no bueno.

Monday, June 11threcovery day!

I recovered so hard today! Spent the entire morning bingeing on the S Town podcast (thanks for the recommendation, Karmen) and cleaning my house.

Then I went for a stability session with Kristen, which was perfect. It was gentle but challenging and about as much as I could handle today.

Then I got some groceries and basically cooked and baked all day. Here we have the sweet potato cookies, superhero muffins, and meatballs, all from Run Fast, Eat Slow.

Tuesday, June 12thhard day

  • 3k easy
  • 8k ~5:00/km
  • 3k easy

That felt fantastic and very manageable, which is great considering GMP is 5:00/km! So happy that I love running again after last Sunday..

Next up, my last swimming lesson + 650m. Huge thank-you to Anne-Marie, who has me feeling like I more or less know what I am doing and will swim confidently at the Tyhee Lake Tri!

Before dinner (the meatballs, omg) 7k cool-down run. Felt so fucking good! I love rain running! And maybe I was excited for dinner? The effort felt relaxed, but pace was quicker than usual easy pace!

Wednesday, June 13theasy day

I did a lot of stuff today, but all things were kept easy!

1750m swim, which was awesome and I felt smooth and confident. Right after, 10k of dirt road and trail (tired AF) – this run felt like shit. Happens. I still had fun playing with my GoPro!


Later, an unplanned 27.5k ride with a bike gang of girls! I think I’m really getting the hang of the gears on my road bike.


Thursday, June 14theasy day

2000m swim – awesome.

10k at easy effort, but it happened to be one of those magical runs where it felt easy but I was running fast!

Finally, a glider session with Kristen! I asked if we could leave the legs alone because of the workout tomorrow.  We did all core, holy crap.

Friday, June 15thhard day

  • 3k easy
  • 8 x 1k @ 4:46-4:30/km, 2:00 rests between
  • 3k easy

I was so excited for this workout! I woke up with a sore throat but felt okay. My core was SO sore from the workout with Kristen, but the good kind of sore. Once I got going thought I realized how sore my arms and shoulders were, too.

It went pretty okay, but in the third rep I almost threw in the towel. I was so fking frustrated with the excessive traffic and wind, on top of how tired I was feeling. Looking at my Garmin, I’d already run over 6k. I asked myself “why the hell would I bail on this now? Just do your best and stop being obsessed with it being perfect.” And so, I kept going, and it went fairly well! on number seven, it was so windy that I could barely hit pace while going DOWN a huge hill and that was also infuriating haha. I got this new woman app on my phone and yesterday it gave me a notification that said “PMS is coming” HAHAHAHA I wonder if this had anything to do with my attitude? I finished the last interval, slightly under pace, and was almost back at my vehicle, so I just ran to my chocolate milk and called it a day. Over it! 13.25km total.

Saturday, June 16theasy day

Easy 7k in Terrace

Lake swim!!! I picked out a ~150m stretch between two buoys and swam lengths. The swimming lessons have done WONDERS.

Sunday, June 17thlong run workout!

  • 5k easy
  • 8k of 90 sec @~4:50/km, 90 sec @~5:20/km
  • 5k easy
  • 6k progression ~5:05 down to 4:49/km
  • 4k cool down

Omg. The cold that started Friday morning really got me. I almost cried when my alarm went off because I didn’t even sleep, just rolled around mouth-breathing all night. That being said, I was still looking forward to this workout after listening to The Champion’s Mind on the whole drive home from Terrace the night before. I gave myself permission to take the two easy 5ks really easy, and vowed to tackle the faster parts piece by piece and try not to think ahead.

I can barely believe I made this happen, but so proud that I did. During the second easy 5k, I felt that the next progressive set was impossible, but a lot can happen in five recovery kilometers. I went back to reminding myself to just run one kilometer at a time and to NOT obsess about it being perfect. It fuckin worked. SO HAPPY.

After food, water, bath and nap, Jessie and Erin picked me up for our swimming practice!

yes!!!! Lakelse was really good practice, but I could see the bottom because I was so close to the shore. This was a better simulation for the race. Dark sea monster water, way longer stretches, and no boats or sea-doos to be nervous about.

So yeah! Six weeks out from the marathon! As Coach Andrew would say, about four weeks left to “get the hay in the barn” and then we taper. A bunch of my taper time will be on Haida Gwaii so there will be some sick photos coming at you!



INJURIES/PRE-HAB?  good to go

SLEEP?  good! lots of naps

NUTRITION?  got back on track this week! Also, long-run fueling went well.


just finished The Champion’s Mind – Jim Afremow. I listened to this on audio. The narrator was okay…the content was what I like. If you are goal-obsessed, you’ll like it.

now it’s time to re-visit How Bad Do You Want It – Matt Fitzgerald (one of my faves)

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER(S):  definitely today’s long workout.

NEXT RACE:  Scotiabank Vancouver Half & 5k – next Sunday!



PUMP up the JAMmie! – Week 9/16

Another huge week of running from Lifelong Endurance. Lots of naps. Ferocious hunger. No strength training at all, which I vow to get back on TOMORROW…but a good amount of cross training on top of 114 km! Tomorrow is my first non-running day since May 23rd and I’ll be taking full advantage of it so fatigue doesn’t interfere with any of the important workouts later in the week.

Monday, June 4theasy day

10k easy

Today reminded me of what I read in Meb for Mortals, where he describes pretty much all easy running as recovery running. I started very easy and was feeling tired and sore, but as the splits ticked by I felt better and better. It ended up basically being a progression run from 6:35/km down to 5:45.

That was it for the day.

Tuesday, June 5thhard day

First time there’s ever been a scheduled double on Training Peaks! Woo!!


  • 3k easy
  • 6 x (3:00 ~ GMP, 3:00 easy)
  • 3k easy

Then, swimming lesson!!!! This was the third of four lessons, and today some shit really came together. I got in 1250m after my half an hour lesson and felt soooo good!

Later: run number two! 7k easy – changed up my local route a little, felt a little tired but still happy to be running. Good sign haha.

Wednesday, June 6theasy day

Happy Global Running day! I met up with Jess and Sam for 10k of trail and some road. Such a good morning with other runNerds!

Then I went to the pool. Warmed up with and without the pull buoy, then 3 x 500m, and a couple lengths cool-down for 2000m total. Officially re-fuckin-stoked for the triathlon!!!! Hey, you, reading this, if you live around here (northern BC) I want you to come! Read this 🙂

In the evening I went to the waterfront for a Global Running Day meetup and about fifteen of us ran just under 5k at a relaxed, conversational pace.

Thursday, June 7thmedium day?

13.5k controlled

I knew a medium-length run was going to pop up mid-week, sooner or later! Yessss!

When I woke up, I was so cranky for no reason. I didn’t understand the comment on the schedule, which said “use the swim to get your legs under you and relax.” My swims aren’t scheduled, and I was just so crabby and like wtf does that mean, maybe I don’t want to go swimming today. (LOL I’M SORRY ANDREW THIS IS NOT PERSONAL).

So, first, swimming pool. Warm-up, 2 x 750m, and cool-down for 1800m. Swimming totally snapped me out of my bitchy mood and I felt like a million bucks. My lungs felt massive ahahaha. This run ended up being fuckin AWESOME. I just kept thinking about the fluidity of swimming and it worked well for me.

Before bed: solid foam roller/stick roller session before I did an imagery exercise. What a good day.

Friday, June 8thhard day

  • 5k warm-up
  • 10k progression from ~ goal marathon pace down to ~ 4:40/km

This workout… it scares me. It beat me last time. Today, I almost nailed it. In the second progressive kilometer, someone pulled over to ask me a question LOL. That only took about two seconds, thankfully. He was looking for an escaped kayak that I ended up spotting in the ditch on my way back in! After the second to last kilometer, I was about to explode, so I stopped for a few seconds before forcing out the last one. But I did it! I count this as a very successful workout, though I do look forward to next time when I hope to get it 100% without stopping 🙂

Saturday, June 9thEASY day

7km with Jess on her 15k

Sunday, June 10thlong run day

Dun dun dun. The infamous 32k long run. That’s how I used to feel about these, but something has shifted and I’m not phased when seeing this distance on the schedule. However, I haven’t had a shitty run for sooooo long, and guess what? Today was the day 😂

I was so lethargic but decided to just be patient and consider the first 10k a very easy warm-up. But, after 10k I still felt like laying down on the road and sleeping ahaha. I was fueling well and keeping at it, but changed the screen on my Garmin to the clock screen because I was getting discouraged – the lap paces did not match the feeling of my effort at ALL. At 22k, I got a side stitch on both sides and slowly went from uncomfortable to legitimately in pain. Probably stopped ten times and sent out brain signals to husband…”please wonder what’s taking me so long and come and pick me up” LOL, didn’t work. At 27km, I sat down at a picnic table at the rest area and cried for approximately two seconds. SO frustrated!! Somehow, I made it home. Why did I just tell you my sob story? Because shitty runs happen and I am not ever going to pretend that they don’t. We see enough highlight-reel-only content on social media.

Guys, I am tired. Tomorrow I have a strength session with Kristen and I’m not doing anything else except foam roll, stretch and sleep between domestic duties.



INJURIES/PRE-HAB? good to go

SLEEP? was awesome til the weekend…napped every weekday!

NUTRITION BRAGS? no bragging right now…not the best quality fuel this past week

CURRENTLY READING: The Champion’s Mind – Jim Afremow, PhD (audiobook)

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER(S) Thursday and Friday in particular were such high-quality runs in every way!!

NEXT RACE: Scotiabank Vancouver 1/2 AND 5k wooo! Two weeks away

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