Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 5/10

January is more than half over. WTF. Good thing I ran that 33km on my birthday because there isn’t much time left for super long runs between now and a short taper for Phoenix! As always, thanks to Lifelong Endurance for getting it, and keeping this not-too-serious marathon prep to exactly what I needed – to feel ready to take on a marathon safely with no real expectations this time, aside from a good time!

Monday, January 15th

Long-ish workout run! My favourite!

3k warm-up, 8x [3 min medium, 2 min relaxed], 3k cool-down

This was on the treadmill since I prefer to do any sort of structured outdoor running in the daylight, but since it was a work day, I couldn’t. I shortened the cool down by a kilometer because there were like six containers of sushi in the same room as me and husband was already digging in!

Tuesday, January 16th

8k aerobic before work! Love getting it done before work! How sick is the Firecracker Long Sleeve!? I’m gonna wear the matching shorts next time πŸ™‚

Wednesday, January 17th

Coreflex at K2 Cycle Fusion! This was my first time taking this class and I loved it! I am absolutely going to pencil this class in whenever I can to fulfill my 2x/week strength commitment! Thank you to Kerrie πŸ™‚

After, I did some errands and then hit up Spin for Lunch, also at K2. There we go, one strength sesh down, and crosstraining for the day DONE.

Thursday, January 18th

10k for breakfast! Seven nice and relaxed, final three kilometers working up to a 5min/km pace. I didn’t really read the instructions properly…sorry Coach. The last three were supposed to be progressive from about 5:25 to 5:05…whoops. Check out the reflective painbrush mini stride shorts! Ya, I know they look like underwear in this pic..

Then I had a really bad day at work, so when I got home I jumped on the treadmill. My intention was to run 1k super easy-feel, one HARD, and one more easy. The fast one felt so good that I decided to do five total and run slow-fast-slow-fast-slow. I felt like a million dollars after this!!!!! The Backstreet Boys didn’t hurt either.

Friday, January 19th

7k aerobic before work!

one day I’ll spell something with my route..

Saturday, January 20th

28k in the bank! So, initially my schedule from Coach Andrew on Training Peaks called for 15k. I was being an annoying athlete about this and worrying why I had such a short run five weeks out from a marathon. He must have felt me, because when I got the daily reminder email that comes the day before each run, it had been changed to twenty-eight. LOL. Ask and you shall receive, Jamie! I hit the road just before 6am on Saturday with my unreal 90’s playlist, headlamp, lightning layer and NoxGear vest and got it done. That felt REALLY comfortable and I had no foot pain!!!!!!!! Ecstatic about the no pain.

Safe is the new cool. This is after, by the way

At noon I used the random name picker to draw a winner for my PRO Compression AZ sock GIVEAWAY and the winner was @running_is_awsome_21 ! Those are my favourite socks and I hope Mason likes them as much as I do! Thanks to everyone who entered xoxoxoxoxo


Sunday, January 21st

It was pretty quiet in the morning and I managed to get in 32 (intermittent) minutes of strength! As well as the Dirty Dozen, I did lots of lunges and clamshells.

Tonight I plan to get on the treadmill and do some downhill power walking with weights. And Destiny’s Child.

Up next week: my second go at Coreflex with Kerrie, hills and a 32k long run! Talk soon!!! 34 days til Mesa-Phx!!!!


Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 4/10

Holy week 4/10 already! This is going by fast. I am so excited for the Sprouts Mesa-Phx marathon!!!!! It’s going to be so much fun meeting up with #werunsocial as well as all the other PRO Compression ambassadors, rocking the new Arizona sock and getting all matchy with everyone. Having this marathon on my schedule so early in the year has proven to be a fantastic way to stay committed to putting in good mileage in the new year, and it’s going to serve as such valuable base-building for Jack & Jill training!! As always, HUGE shoutout and thanks to Lifelong Endurance for always having me feeling healthy and ready for whatever I’m working towards!

Yesterday I posted about my ultimate 2018 running goal, and if you missed it it’s here!!

Monday, January 8th

My 33rd birthday!!! (what the HELL???) Last time I checked I was like 22.Β  I decided to run 33km and coach said “go for it, dude!” so, I celebrated each year alive with a kilometer. My quads were surprisingly sore from the short but effective strength workout on Sunday, but I made it happen and thoroughly enjoyed it, stopping twice to refill my water at home. A goal this year is to put in the work in the strength department. I am not a gym person whatsoever, but I know I can make 30-60 minutes happen twice/week at home, which will leave me stronger and hopefully injury-free.

Yessss, this run ticked off the January Half Marathon Challenge on Strava, and got me to 75/80km for the Lululemon 40|80 Challenge! Follow me on Strava here.

After some serious relaxing post long-ass run, it was time for the best birthday party I’ve ever had! An 80s-themed spin class at K2 Cycle Fusion!Β Thank you so much to my husband, cousins and friends for joining me, and to Kerry for leading the absolute perfect class!

Tuesday, January 9th

10k, 85% trail. Felt SO good.

And BOOM in comes the Strava email…

Wednesday, January 10th

6k aerobic. Bit of a sleep in! I was so tired on Tuesday night I knew that a 5:30 wakeup call wouldn’t work for me in the morning. I opted out of Early Bird Spin and went for an easy-feel 6k after work instead since I didn’t have any bright ideas for cross training. Followed up with stretching and Netflix.

Thursday, January 11th

8k fartlek on the treadmill! That was so fun!

Friday, January 12th

7k aerobic in my new AZ sockies!

And later – strength exercises! I was sitting on the couch feeling unmotivated when my friend Karmen texted, asking if I’d tried out the Oiselle Dirty Dozen yet. It’s a strength series I’ve heard of for quite some time. That text was timed perfectly! Got off the couch and headed to the basement for 30 minutes of Dirty Dozen! It’s a good series of core exercises and the whole thing takes like ~25 minutes, just as Karmen said. I picked a few to repeat to get my 30 minutes in. Check it out here.

Saturday, January 13th

20k easy pace. Ahh. Long run day. Today was really hard for me and I was lucky to have Crystal by my side. My sore foot flared up after stepping on a few rocks along the way, and I felt generally lethargic, which apparently might be from the Tetanus booster I got yesterday…I refused to believe it would effect me but I think it did hahah. Either way, pushed through and made it to 20k and then PEDICURE TIME.

Sunday, January 14th

HAHAHAHA Prince Rupert was the hottest place in Canada today! Summer in Northern BC! I went for a couple kilometres to see how my foot felt (medium) and then took it easy. Talk to you next week! Six weeks til Phoenix..

Wait. Actually I’m heading to my basement for some Dirty Dozen!

Mesa-PHX Marathon Training – Week 2/10

Still chasing 3000 km for the year! Lots of double-run days have been happening lately (my own agenda) and I’m loving it!! I know it’s not uncommon for certain training plans or styles to call for doubles, but this is my first experience with them and I’m so into it! Hey Coach are you reading this? LOL.

Usually I follow the schedule laid out for me by Lifelong Endurance to the letter, but like I mentioned last week, the Phoenix marathon is not a big goal race for me, so I’ve been flexible. That being said, once I finish this week and reach my (insignificant) goal of 3000 km in 2017, I’ll return to following the training plan like a good athlete πŸ™‚

Monday, December 25th

13 Christmas kilometers with my girl, Crystal!

2 very easy after-dinner kilometers with my really full husband, just to get some fresh air and keep chipping away at 3000!

Tuesday, December 26th

10k night run

this vest may be the most valuable piece of gear I own now

Wednesday, December 27th

12k along my favourite road

Thursday, December 28th

4k easy, 8 x 40 sec. hill bursts at 7% incline with 1:40 recoveries, 2k easy

Easy run to check the mail! Just over 2km, and there was Bird Mail!!!

Run #3 (it’s okay if you think I’m cooked, #ilovethisshit) was 7 easy, chatty kilometers with Jess. Follow me on Strava here πŸ™‚

Friday, December 29th

8 REALLY cold kilometers!

Saturday, December 30th

long run with Crystal and Jessie! Just under 16k, and when I got home Garmin Connect told me that I was at 2998.7 km for the year!

Got hom, ran around near my house for 1.3 km to make 3000.0 kilometers in 2017.

Sunday, December 31st!!

yahoo I MADE IT!!!! Full rest day for me today πŸ™‚ Resolution Run tomorrow!