NOT sandbagging – effective!


I meant to post this a little while ago. Member I was talking about (after Lauren Fleshman was talking about) sandbagging, and how I wasn’t gonna do that shit before the Tenacious Ten on Easter weekend?

Well, it worked out well! I made the conscious decision to not talk about or think about all the reasons that I might have a less-than-awesome race. There are ALWAYS things that can go wrong – I can make contingency plans for legit things, and the rest just depends on me winning the arguments between myself and the voice inside my head.

There were two specific times during that 10k in Seattle where it felt REALLY hard. If I had planted seeds in my mind about stuff like being drained from school, sucking at sleeping or even little mindfucks like “it’s just a 10k, the marathon is my true love” then giving up would have been so much more likely. I don’t want to gather excuses to lean on anymore.

I remember thinking, “No. No excuses today.” I almost stopped at a water station, but realized I WASN’T EVEN REALLY THIRSTY I just wanted a rest. Don’t even think about it, I said to myself. A little later I thought, “whoa, I forgot about this hill up to the Fremont bridge. I’m dying. Maybe I’ll walk a few power-strides and let my heart rate calm the f*$k down.” But I shut that down and choose to keep going forward at the best pace I could manage, whatever that was.

The non-sandbagging payed off. I ended up with a very small PR – just 4 seconds. I love that because if I’d have leaned on any of those excuses for even a second or two, the baby-PR wouldn’t be so. Can’t wait to try it again soon!! Down with sandbagging!

Have a good week! Stoked to write about my first Pace Bunny experience when I have the time. Congrats to all who just ran in the BMO Vancouver Marathon weekend!


Prince Rupert 1/2 Marathon!

Ahhh. Hi. I am sooo disappointed about today 😦 but, one thing that’s way worse than plain disappointment, is being disappointed in one’s self, and that I am not!

Today was very painful for me, literally. Nothing went as planned after about 6k, and I definitely don’t have the cushion of confidence I was hoping to be sitting on going into marathon training (tomorrow), but what can ya do? It was still a beautiful sunny day and an awesome crew always comes out for this event. I am glad I got to be there, regardless. Here’s how my morning went:

Had a decent sleep, got up, had the usual oatmeal and coffee, got ready and then went to set up my portion of the course with husband. Felt a tiny bit hungry between course set-up and heading to the race, so I ate a blueberry muffin. After talking with Coach Andrew, I realize this was probably the worst idea ever because of the sugar, but who really knows.

I felt great and did my very legit warm-up of a light jog, drills, stretches and a bit more easy running. The race began and I felt pretty good, though my breathing was not under control. This happens sometimes on this course since it starts on an incline, plus I was so excited, so I didn’t worry about it. Everything felt decent for the first 6k aside from the fact that I couldn’t seem to get my heart rate down, but at 7k I was like, fuck, I have to go to the bathroom. (I wasn’t like, fuck, I have to go pee…) Runners talk about poo all the time and if you don’t like it, this is not the blog for you. Having to go poo in a race is THE WORST. Especially when you already went at home!!!

I picked up the pace to give myself some time for the pit stop, was quick, and came back on to the course. It felt like my stomach was caved in like when you’re so hungry your belly button is touching your spine (LOL) and my energy took a dive. I knew a big downhill was coming, so I kept at it and told myself I’d regroup on the decline and get past this. As I continued to run my stomach went absolutely haywire and I had a really brutal stitch under the ribs on both sides and a stabbing pain in my lower left side.

Stomach cramping isn’t something I deal with often, but when I do it’s usually pretty minor and I know how to breathe through it and make it go away. Not today. Holy hell. I was in so much discomfort going down that hill that I actually got a bit scared. It kept getting worse and as I got closer to the halfway point where volunteers were I was considering my first DNF. DNF means “did not finish”.

Made it to half and stopped, and I was pretty sure I couldn’t keep going. I felt emotional about it, since the thought of not finishing a race made me really sad, and my throat closed right up and trying to breathe was really scary. Sorry for freaking anyone out and thanks for being so nice to me. After resting for a minute, I decided that it was okay to accept that what I wanted to do today was NOT happening, but dropping out was not okay with me.

Going back up that big hill I mentioned earlier (the course is an out-and-back) even really slowly, hurt so badly. I walked a lot and tried to stretch my sides but nothing was helping. It felt like I had the strength and posture of Monty Burns and like there were knives stabbing into my abdomen. I’m laughing really hard about this now because that description is perfect and really funny, but it wasn’t funny at the time. Once I got to the top, my friend and race director Kathy was at her spot manning an intersection and again I thought, this hurts so fucking badly and I can’t even breathe in all the way, I’ll just stay with her and cheer.

Then my very special friend, Kerrie, came up the hill and she said now was the chance to run together. It was her first time running the back half of the relay. I love this chick so much and she lifted my spirits. I love you Kerrie! AND I still kept thinking about how heartbroken I would feel if I didn’t finish the race. So I joined Kerrie and we plugged away at the remaining 8km together, I walked quite a few times but caught back up, and wondered if I had appendicitis. This also makes me laugh, but I was legitimately wondering that and having visions of an ambulance coming to get me.

I am so proud of Kerrie, she fucking owned her half of the relay and she pretty much saved my life. Sorry for fucking swearing so much. ahahahahahah

I said I was disappointed, but not disappointed in myself, and I mean it. Diarrhea attack and feeling like I was getting stabbed in the gut like Arya Stark got stabbed by the waif, that was terrible. Refusing to DNF when it very seriously crossed my mind two or three times, that makes me feel so much better about this shitty run. I physically could not run any more than I was, let alone any faster.

Tomorrow is a new day, and the official start of a huge adventure with Lifelong Endurance. Pump up the JAMmie, week 1, day 1. I can’t wait for the 10 miler at the Tenacious Ten in Seattle with my badass lady gang in two weeks, and for another shot at the half marathon on May 6th at BMO Vancouver. This is random but I find sometimes it helps to say really obvious things out loud so here are a few:

“I can’t change the way today unfolded, so I’ll move on.”

“I will not eat anything except oatmeal before a race, just in case that muffin was a contributing factor, and if I feel a little hungry, just be okay with it.”

“I still fucking love running and I know what I’m capable of.”

As I’ve said before, YODO. You only die once, and it wasn’t today. Congrats to everyone who had an awesome run! Many of my friends PR’d and placed! I am so proud of you all and I’m so glad we had a beautiful day and a very organized event!

love you all! Congratulations everyone ran so well today, THAT makes me happy!

my girl Jess, 3rd place in the 8k!

Kerrie with her relay partner, awesome job you guys!!!!


2018 Week 10 Recap

I don’t have anything super specific or count-downy to name my recaps right now! I’ll start that again once I’m into the Jack & Jill training block, but for now we are simply in the tenth week of 2018. Got a 5k coming up next Saturday, hosted by Skeena Valley Runners in Terrace, and I can’t wait to show you my costume, and even more excited to show you my friend Jess’ costume. LOL.

This week I had a Skype date with Coach. We talked about a lot of stuff like how the weeks will be structured once the 16-week training cycle for my next marathon begins. We discussed continuing with strength training and taking it to the next level by adding weight, as well as cross-training, clearly distinguishing between easy days, hard days and recovery days, and generally taking an all-over more aggressive approach this time around. Lifelong Endurance has really helped me become a more well-rounded athlete. This is invaluable, as I have been more or less injury free. I’ve also discovered that I love some of the things I initially tried for cross-training, like spin and swimming, and have ended up super excited about triathlon! Thanks to Lifelong Endurance for really living up to their name; I want to be strong and healthy for life, not just at this point in my life.

Monday, March 5th

Okay so today my extreme love of endurance exercise, plus the pure elation of being off work for the week took over and I went a bit buck. But it was an awesome day!

  • Early Bird Spin at K2 (Karen really laid down the law today)
  • 1600m swim!! Longest swim session to date, and most efficient, too!!

follow me on Strava here!

  • 6.5k aerobic run

take that, Monday.

Tuesday, March 6th

9k aerobic. Crusty, snowy, slippery trail. If you’re local, you’ll identify with this as a double Butze. Butze Rapids Trail is our local go-to, and it’s amazing.


This was hard, but felt good and I was finally able to wear a different pair of shoes. Until today it was only Escalantes. Progress. Tomorrow I get X-rays on my heel horns, which are actually called Haglund’s Deformity. Yummay.

Later, I joined in at the Learn to Run clinic. Rupert Runners ❤

Wednesday, March 7th

Headed straight to the basement after getting out of bed! Dirty Dozen and some Bear Flow, which I saw Tasha Wodak doing in a Canadian Running article.


Then swimming! 1800m today – new longest swim!

Thursday, March 8th


  • 4k easy (felt so hard!!! one of those days..)
  • 8 x 0:30 sec hills, 1:00 jogs down
  • 2k easy

I love the feeling of getting to the top of the last rep!

Later, another mini run, Mail run 2k! It’s exactly one kilometer from my house to the mailboxes. And there was a package from Oiselle, my new swimming suit 😀

Friday, March 9th

8k aerobic with Erin & Crystal

Holy scratched corneas batman. But aside from that, awesome run with awesome chicks!

Swim! Can you tell I’m loving the swimming? haha

Saturday, March 10th

15k before…back to work.

hmmm. This is why we CANNOT get tricked by social media that other people’s’ runs are so awesome and fantastic every time. To the naked eye, this run looks SOLID, but it was not solid.

This was the kinda run where, even though I know better, I did everything wrong. I didn’t warm up properly, ran too fast at first and throughout the whole run, and didn’t have the best attitude. This was an easy long run, not a workout! I didn’t run it in the correct zone whatsoever, which resulted in stopping multiple times to stretch and try to regroup, without success. These runs happen, and I’m kinda glad it happened, because whenever I have a run like this it helps me reset! Moving on.

Sunday, March 11th

45 min on the recumbent bike at home

45 min minute workout – 3 sets of:

  • 16 lunges with 2x4kg
  • 20 wide-legged squats with 4kg
  • 10/side split squats with 2x4kg
  • 10/side curtsey squats with 4kg
  • 30/side Russian twists with 4kg
  • 30/side bicycle crunches
  • 30 horizontal, 30 vertical ab scissors
  • 15 +20/side clamshell + leg lifts
  • 10 + 10/side fire hydrants + donkey kicks
  • 90 sec glute bridge

Finishing off with a solid stretch and lower-body muscle rolling!

And that’s it! Awesome week! Next week brings more (longer..) hill reps, some tempo kilometers and the St. Patrick’s Day 5k!! Talk soon xoxoxoxo


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